“Struggling” Pokemon Go fans call for increased storage ahead of Go Fest 2023

Dylan Horetski
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Pokemon Go fans are calling for increased storage for catches ahead of Go Fest 2023 events, claiming they’re “struggling” with the current limit.

Since launch in 2016, Pokemon Go developers Niantic have continued to expand on how many Pokemon and Items you can hold in your bag.

They’ve done this by offering an upgrade in the in-game shop for both your item bag and Pokemon storage for 200 Coins, which is roughly $2 USD.

Capped at 6,300 total as of writing, Pokemon Go fans are calling for yet another increase to the max storage limit ahead of Go Fest 2023’s festivities.

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PoGo fans want more Pokemon storage

On July 25, 2023, Reddit user PhillyPokeGo shared their request for increased Pokemon storage in The Silph Road subreddit.

“When are we getting increased Pokémon storage?” they asked. “We are only 10 days away from the start of the 1st in person go fest, and I’m really getting worried about the complete lack of storage upgrades that have been made available. There are many of us who have been struggling all year due to the unprecedented unavailability of storage upgrades.

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“In addition to numerous new Pokémon added this year, (Vivillion alone requires 54 precious slots!) plus many costumes (including multiple new Eevee) we now have contests for which we need to hold at least 1 XXL and XXS of every species. It has gotten to the point that storage management is a tedious full-time job.

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“We really need a minimum of 500, but even better 1000 new Pokémon spots to make up for the stingy increases offered this year”

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Users quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the request, and many agree with the OP — Pokemon Go needs to issue another storage increase.

“This is getting ridiculous. We got so many new mons/costumes this year alone, and no significant increase in space. I’m constantly running on 20-30 empty spaces, having to painfully select which good Pokémon to delete one by one,” one user replied.

Another said: “I used to go out and farm about 2 hours every day. Currently I am only opening the game at home because I refuse to appraise every 5 minutes – I am at less than 100 free spaces with maxed storage.”

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At the time of writing, the maximum storage you can have on Pokemon Go is 6,300. While this may be a lot to some, those who want to keep a full PokeDex of regular and Shiny Pokemon will have thousands of creatures saved.

Add in sizes, genders, and Pokemon Go event ‘mon then it’ll be pretty easy to reach that 6,300 mark. We’ll be sure to update you if Niantic increases the max Pokemon storage, but in the meantime, you can head over to check out the rest of our Pokemon Go coverage.

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