Pokemon Go players blown away by accidental “Halloween Haunter” visual bug

Haunter in front of the Pokemon Go backgroundNiantic

There have been plenty of strange Pokemon variations that have popped up in Pokemon Go across the years but this accidental Halloween Haunter is really winning fans over.

Pokemon Go is no stranger to visual bugs that cause different ‘Mon to show up in all sorts of strange palettes and varieties. Usually caused by some sort of visual bug, these variants of fan-favorite Pokemon always seem to be well-received by the fan base.

There have been a strange number of them popping up over the last month or so there and many of them, just like this Haunter, seem to be pretty seasonally appropriate and have fans pleading for them to be added to the game for real.

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Pokemon Go fan spots “Halloween Haunter” out in the wild

Spotted by a trainer over on Reddit, this version of the Ghost-type swaps out the regular all-purple look for a black-and-blue color scheme that is more reminiscent of a Shinx or Luxray than a Ghastly or Gengar.

This version does seem far more sinister than its traditional counterpart, particularly in the way it highlights the pointier bits in Haunter’s design.

Fans are already flocking to this “pretty dope” new look and while it’s a new discovery, it’s already gained a decent amount of attention.

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One fan joked that this alternate-reality design is more like a character from Sega’s beloved Sonic franchise, dubbing him “Haunter The Hedgehog” in tribute to the other gaming giant.

While these kinds of bugs may never amount to anything more than dream fuel for the fans, there’s certainly reason to believe that Niantic could make a splash if they ever introduced new variants of classic Pokemon to the game.