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Best moveset for Tapu Fini in Pokemon Go

Published: 10/May/2022 12:35

by Daniel Megarry


If you’ve just caught a Tapu Fini in Pokemon Go, you might be wondering what its best moveset is, and whether it’s any good for the Go Battle League – let’s find out!

As the Season of Alola rumbles on, the final guardian deity Legendary is making its long-awaited debut in Pokemon Go: the Water/Fairy-type Tapu Fini! You’ll be able to catch it by defeating it in a 5-Star Raid.

The addition of a new Legendary Pokemon is always exciting, but not all of them are worth your time. To help you out, we’ve got details of its best moveset and a short analysis of whether it’s any good below.



Tapu Fini appearing in Pokemon Go
It’s best to focus on making Tapu Fini a Water-type attacker.

Tapu Fini best moveset in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Tapu Fini in Pokemon Go is Water Gun as a Fast Move and Surf as a Charged Move.

There are only two Fast Moves to choose between, and Water Gun is probably your best option as it will always benefit from STAB. Hidden Power is too unpredictable as it can end up being any attack type.

Pair this with Surf as a Charged Move and you’ve got a pretty good duo of attacks that can deal some huge Water-type damage. If you can afford a secondary Charged Move, go with Moonblast for extra coverage.

All moves Tapu Fini can learn in Pokemon Go

Tapu Fini can learn X Fast Moves and X Charged Moves in Pokemon Go, and we’ve listed them all below:


Tapu Fini Fast Moves

  • Hidden Power (Random)
  • Water Gun (Water)

Tapu Fini Charged Moves

  • Hydro Pump (Water)
  • Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Moonblast (Fairy)
  • Surf (Water)
Tapu Fini in Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Even having the best moveset for Tapu Fini can’t make it a PvP champion.

Is Tapu Fini any good in Pokemon Go?

The short answer is that Tapu Fini serves as more of a Pokedex filler than anything else, but it does have some potential in the Pokemon Go Battle League.

Let’s start with the positives: Tapu Fini has really good bulk, which helps it last longer on the battlefield. A Water/Fairy typing also gives it several resistances, including a double resistance to Dragon-type attacks.

Tapu Fini does show some potential in the Great League and Ultra League, where it can fill a similar role as fellow Water/Fairy-type Azumarill. You’ll probably want to give it a miss in the Master League though.


As it’s got such a defensive stat distribution, Tapu Fini won’t be worth using in Raid Battles.

Two things holding Tapu Fini back in PvP are its low Attack stat and the lack of a decent Fast Move. This could always change if Tapu Fini gets access to new moves in the future, but that seems unlikely.

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