These 3 Ultra Beasts deserve Mega Evolutions in Pokemon

Em Stonham
Nihilego from Pokemon anime.

With Pokemon Legends Z-A on the horizon, Mega Evolutions are all the rage in the community. Here are 3 Ultra Beasts that deserve the Mega treatment.

Mega Evolutions have been a hot topic in the Pokemon community ever since the announcement that Pokemon Legends Z-A is on the horizon. It’s one of the most popular Pokemon mechanics by far, introducing new and exciting forms for popular ‘mons.

While it’s great to see Pokemon like Charizard and Rayquaza getting the Mega treatment in the franchise, it would be incredible to see some underappreciated Pokemon getting new forms – or even Ultra Beasts getting their turn in the spotlight. So, here are 3 Ultra Beasts that deserve a Mega Evolution.


Blacephalon from the Pokemon anime.
Blacephalon from the Pokemon anime.

To start, Blacephalon is arguably one of the most popular Ultra Beasts out there. Some view it as cute and whimsical, while others (usually those with a fear of clowns) view it as horrifying and unsettling. It’s one of the more unique designs in the franchise, that’s for certain.

A Mega Evolution for Blacephalon could play into the circus/clown theme that it has perfectly. It could be even taller with longer limbs, and it could have the ability to flip itself around like a contortionist or acrobat too. It would be unnerving and graceful at the same time.

A Mega Blacephalon could even have access to circus-related accessories, like a flaming hoop, juggling torches, or a top hat. There’s the potential for some brilliant theming here, which could lead into some creative move sets as well – just imagine it doing Flame Wheel as a cartwheel.


Stakataka from Pokemon anime.
Stakataka from the Pokemon anime.

Considering that it’s essentially a sentient building, Stakataka is a surprisingly emotive and lively Ultra Beast. With an already gigantic and imposing design, a Mega Evolution for Stakataka would make it even more intimidating to battle.

The obvious route for a Mega Stakataka is to make it even taller – building on top of it with even higher blocks and turning it into a behemoth. It would be imposing and interesting to look at, but there’s definitely more that could be done with this design.

The spindly legs that Stakataka has look almost bug-like. Could a Mega Stakataka get wider instead and have even more legs like a spider? It would make it a lot creepier, but it would be a great way to switch up the design and go against what fans might be expecting from it.


Nihilego from Pokemon anime.
Nihilego from the Pokemon anime.

Finally, Nihilego has a lot of potential when considering Mega Evolutions. This Ultra Beast is already one of the most visually striking out of the bunch, with an otherworldly, ghostly aesthetic and a somewhat creepy set of Abilities.

A Mega Nihilego could take inspiration from strange aquatic creatures to add to the unnerving vibe that it already emits. A Lion’s Mane jellyfish could be a fantastic source of inspiration, adding even more alien-like tendrils and tentacles to the new design.

Alternatively, a Mega Nihilego could play into the ghost theme more heavily. It could have smaller spirits or orbs floating around it that could be used in its Attacks. This would give the Ultra Beast a lot more personality and could make for some interesting lore, too.

It’s important to note that Ultra Beasts will likely not be showing up in Pokemon Legends Z-A. This is merely a fun bit of speculation on our part – but there should be some fantastic Megas to look forward to in this upcoming title regardless.

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