Adorable Pokemon Go player wakes mom to show off incredibly rare catch

Murkrow in Sierra's phase one teamNiantic / The Pokemon Company

A young Pokemon Go player manages to make an impossible Shadow Nundo catch and immediately wakes up his mom to show her.

Shadow Pokemon are mysterious mons players can encounter after battling Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders. Afterward, trainers can purify the Shadow Pokemon with Stardust and Candy. While the Team Rocket leftovers aren’t rare by themselves, Shadow Pokemon can be Shiny or have perfect stats.

While catching a full six IV Pokemon is highly uncommon, it’s even less likely to see a nundo – a mon with zero perfect stats. Therefore, this adorable trainer’s reasoning for waking up his mom due to a Shadow Nundo was entirely justifiable.

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Pokemon Go gameplayNiantic

Pokemon Go player defies all odds with Shadow Nundo catch

Reddit user MobileMeasurement759 complained on the Pokemon Go subreddit about how her son woke her up at 6 am. The young trainer excitedly displayed his Shadow Nundo Murkrow – but his mom wondered if the early wake-up call was actually worth it.

“Shadow zeros are very rare, so that’s beautiful,” Gold-Perspective-89 remarked.

“I definitely am! That is so sick,” Desk-Intelligent wrote. “You see even less “zero-mon” than perfect Pokémon! I’ve got almost two dozen perfect, but I only have 1 zero.”

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“Yeah I’m so much more excited to get a nundo,” TigerSeptim added. “They’re so much rarer than perfects since there are so many ways you can get Pokemon with a minimum IV floor and no way to get Pokemon with a maximum IV cap. 190 perfects vs. 20 nundos.”

Despite Niantic introducing Shadow Pokemon in 2019, some trainers are still debating whether not purifying them could be considered ‘animal cruelty.” However, others have grown exhausted from the debate.

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Legendary Pokemon can also take on the Shadow form. Recently, a glitch prevented some trainers from catching Shadow Regice after defeating Giovanni. If you can’t beat Giovanni, check out our guide on the best setup.

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