Pokemon Go player celebrates completion of Shiny journey “after eight long years”

Joe Pring
Pokemon Go's updated backgrounds are making it harder to Shiny hunt

One Pokemon Go player who refused to call it quits on their Shiny hunt has completed a self-set challenge eight years in the making.

Celebrating the conclusion of their journey on Reddit, the Trainer declared, “After eight long years, Gen 1 Shiny Dex complete,” accompanied by ample screenshots showcasing all 151 ‘mons first introduced in the Kanto region.

Incredibly, this isn’t even the first regional Pokedex the player has managed to polish off in Shiny form. When asked by another user if they intended to do the same for Gen 2’s Johto next, they replied “Johto Shiny Dex is complete already.”

Region-locked and event Pokemon are the toughest hurdles to overcome in tasks like this. Shiny Mew, for example, has only ever been available as a reward for Paid Research, while Kanghaskhan and Mr. Mime can only appear based on real-world location.

The latter was singled out by the author as their favorite of the 151. “I never thought I’d get it, but traded with a local who had evolved their Mime Jr. Traded a Shiny Mewtwo for it,” they said.

Despite the elusive nature of some Kanto natives, the thread’s author revealed that Staryu and Starmie were the final two Pocket Monsters they needed to polish off the collection.

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