Pokemon Go player baffled as Timed Research demands they go to Mexico

hawlucha pokemon go mexico

A Pokemon Go player shared a perplexing situation with fellow trainers as a new set of Timed Research tasks demanded they travel to Mexico to spin Pokestops.

The Rising Heroes season of Pokemon Go has just begun with a spotlight on the southern portion of North America. More specifically, the country of Mexico has received an exclusive Timed Research event titled “Choose Your Fighting Type.”

The research is meant to celebrate the release of the Fighting-type Hawlucha, which is a Pokemon exclusive to Mexico. The Choose Your Fighting Type event runs from Wednesday, March 1, to Wednesday, March 8, and allows players to select a path to encounter a specific Fighting-type.

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However, players won’t obtain this Timed Research unless they are located in Mexico. Or that’s what Niantic hoped, as one player in the US was baffled to see they had to travel out of the country to complete the in-game task.

Pokemon Go player has to go to Mexico to complete task

“Are they for real?” user Baroque1750 captioned the post, including a photo of the second stage of the Choose Your Fighting Type research, “I live in the US.”

Players in the comments urged OP to travel out of the country to finish the tasks before it was too late. “You have 2 more days… chop chop,” one user commented. OP later commented, “Let me just go to Mexico real quick.”

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However, trainers quickly pointed out that Baroque1750 may live close enough to the US/Mexico border for the game to think they live in that region. “Most of the boundaries in the game are square blocks. The border is not a straight line. Southern California and southern parts of Texas may show as Mexico. Northern Mexico May show as USA.”

Others also claimed that OP would have had to have completed the first task – which is spinning a single Pokestop in Mexico – in order to progress to the second page. They advised that the trainer return to the stop they spun and continue spinning it until the challenge was completed.

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Baroque1750 later revealed they were located in San Diego, more than 15 miles from the border, when the challenges became available.