Pokemon Go June Community Day rumors – date announced, who will headline?

Just like that the Torchic Community Day has come and gone. Attention moves over to the Pokemon June Community Day and who will headline the event.

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Update: Slakoth has been announced as the headliner for the Pokemon Go June Community Day.

June Community Day date confirmed

Previously, upon the conclusion of a Pokemon Go community day, we were left wondering when the next one would take place. Instead of giving the dates on a monthly basis, Niantic have announced the dates up until the August Community Day already.

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The change is in response to Pokemon Go trainers requesting more time in advance of the event so they can schedule time off work in order to participate.

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The wait for the June Community Day isn’t a long one as it takes place on June 8. Of course the headlining Pokemon is yet to be announced though.

June headlining Pokemon

Pokemon trainers are able to put together educated guesses as to what Pokemon will headline a given community day based on the month it is. The pattern of odd months being starter Pokemon is now well established.

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However, as June is an even month, it makes guessing the headliner somewhat trickier. As usual there a few contenders.

Those contenders include Ralts, Slakoth, Rhyhorn or Trapinch.


The emotion Pokemon has been rumored to headline previous Pokemon Go community days. Ralts is perhaps considered the most likely Pokemon to headline June.

Ralts’ final evolved form, Gardevoir or Gallade, was first introduced in February.

Pokemon FandomRalts has been rumored to headline Pokemon Go community days before…


With the legendary beasts expected to have their own raid days during the summer, ground-type Pokemon will be required to take down Raikou. This makes Trapinch a viable contender.

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The final evolved form of Trapinch, Flygon, is an interesting ground and dragon dual type.

Pokemon FandomTrapinch might be a longer shot but could headline the June Community Day…


The need for an electric counter also brings another ground-type Pokemon to the forefront – Rhyhorn. First seen in the Kanto region, the rhinoceros-like Pokemon eventually evolves into the powerful Rhyperior.

While Rhyperior isn’t in the top 10 in any of the base category stats, it does boast good overall stats which makes it a good Pokemon to have in any competitive team. Much like Flygon, it could also get the new ground-type move Earth Power.

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Pokemon FandomRhyhorn would be the first Kanto Pokemon since Eevee to headline a community day…


The sloth-like Pokemon has also been rumored to headline previous community days. Slakoth evolves into Vigoroth before evolving into the ultra resilient Slaking.

Slaking is frequently seen in gyms because of its excellent attack and stamina stats. This makes it one of the best Pokemon to defend gyms with.

Pokemon FandomSlaking would provide the most powerful Pokemon of all that are rumored…

Bonus, date and time

Three-hour lures are almost a guaranteed bonus at this point. The other bonus will be an egg-hatching discount, catch XP or Stardust bonus.

With the June 8 date already announced, only the time of the event is yet to be confirmed. However, it seems certain that the community day will run from 3pm to 6pm local time – a formula that has proved successful since its implementation.

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