Pokemon Go clone is one of the most downloaded games in China

Published: 17/May/2019 13:55 Updated: 17/May/2019 15:38

by Paul Cot


Let’s Hunt Monsters is essentially a Pokemon Go clone, catching mythological beasts such as dragons and phoenixes. It has quickly become one of the most popular games in China.

Pokemon Go China

The Chinese government have banned Pokemon Go, at least for the time being. According to the China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association the game brings a potential “threat to geographical information security and the threat to transport and the personal safety of consumers.”

Furthermore, Pokemon Go also relies on Google services, namely Google Maps, which are also banned in China.

Pokemon Go is currently banned in China…

Let’s Hunt Monsters

The result of this ban is that knock off versions of Pokemon Go are being developed. Tencent’s Let’s Go Monsters is the best example of this.

The supposed Pokemon Go clone released in April 2019. Upon release it quickly shot to China’s most downloaded free game on China’s iOS store. Alongside PUBG Mobile and Honour of Kings, two other games developed by Tencent, it continues to be high up in the download charts.

Unlike many other Chinese games, in-app purchases are allowed in Let’s Hunt Monsters.

TencentThe blockchain based Let’s Hunt Monsters is very popular in China…

Pokemon blockchain

Blockchain technology has come to the forefront over the last couple of years and Let’s Hunt Monsters is one of the first games to utilize the technology. Despite appearing to copy Pokemon Go, this particular feature could give it a long-term competitive advantage.

Pokemon at its core is about collecting Pokemon. This remains true in the video games, card games and even in the anime – after all the slogan is “gotta catch ’em all.”

Consequently, in the video games, where there is a theoretically unlimited supply of Pokemon, there is a question of rareness and therefore value. Blockchain would allow for an audited supply of Pokemon which could be added to at a later date if the demand required so.

It will be interesting to see how the Pokemon Go vs China debacle plays out and whether Let’s Hunt Monsters will continue to go from strength to strength.


How to claim Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Published: 2/Dec/2020 13:15 Updated: 2/Dec/2020 13:17

by David Purcell


Pokemon Sword and Shield players can get their hands on some of the coolest free Mystery Gifts and if you would like to claim them, there are some tricks you need to know about. They do have deadlines, though, so act fast! 

With both expansions for Sword and Shield — The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra —  released, there’s nothing stopping us from opening some special presents in the Galar Region this year, with the chance to get ahold of a number of useful items for a limited time.

If you’re looking to catch ’em all in these Pokemon games, opening some mystery gifts will certainly help you along the way. So, let’s take a look at what you can claim and how it all works.

Crown Tundra with Glastier Spectrier on mountain
Pokemon Company
Glastier and Spectrier became available on October 22nd with The Crown Tundra expansion.

Mystery gifts mostly have different variants of PokeBalls in them, but recently actual Pokemon have been added to the mix.

How to get Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Mystery Gifts can be unlocked in a number of ways. Occasionally, there will be free codes linked to an event like a Pokemon anniversary or new release. Players can also unlock Mystery Gifts through Ranked Battles and in-game events.

Claiming your Mystery Gifts in Pokemon is easy, but it won’t be available until you complete the game’s first event in Slumbering Weald. This is where you encounter Sword or Shield’s legendary Pokemon for the first time.

Once you’ve done this, follow the steps below to claim your Mystery Gift:

  1. Load up Pokemon Sword or Shield.
  2. Open the game menu by pressing X and select Mystery Gift, with the pink present icon.
  3. Select the Get A Mystery Gift option.
  4. Choose which method you want to use to receive a gift. If you have a code, select the Get With Code/Password option.
  5. Collect your gifts and enjoy!
Pokemon / NintendoHere’s the menu you need to visit in order to redeem your Mystery Gift codes.

Pokemon will be added to your Party or your Pokemon Boxes if there’s no room. Fashion items can be found by visiting the fitting room of any in-game boutique. Non-fashion items will appear in your Bag.

You can see previously downloaded Mystery Gifts by choosing ‘Check Mystery Gifts’ in the menu.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Mystery Gifts (December)

There are currently no new active free Mystery Gift codes. We’ll update this section when we get any new information, so make sure you check back in the future.

Previous gifts included eight Pikachu hat variants to celebrate the release of The Crown Tundra. These were acquired by entering a series of codes, but they expired on November 30, 2020.

We’d expect more similar gifts to appear in the near future.

More free rewards in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Free Gigantamax capable Melmetal

Those who have played Pokemon Go are in luck, as transferring Pokemon between Pokemon Go & Pokemon HOME will allow you to open a Mystery Box in Sword & Shield containing a special Melmetal with Gigantamax capabilities!

Free Gigantamax capable Pikachu & Eevee

Those who have played Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu or Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee and have saved data on their game can grab themselves a special version of the game case stars in the Galar Region.

Gigantamax Pikachu and Eevee
The Pokemon Company
Grab yourself a Gigantamax capable Pokemon for free!

You will receive a Pikachu or Eevee, depending on what title you played, that can transform into its Gigantamax form. You can collect that free gift inside the Wild Area’s train station. More information on how to do that in our guide.

On that bombshell, there we have it! Those are all of the ways we have found to receive a free mystery gift in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If we find any more, we’ll update this article with more codes and tricks.