New Gen 4 Pokemon: Burmy, Shellos, Cherubi, Gible, Hippopotas available in Pokemon Go

Another batch of Gen 4 Pokemon have been added to Pokemon Go. An additional 16 of the 24 remaining generation 4 Pokemon can now be found in the wild and/or hatched in eggs.

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Elsewhere, Eevee evolutions, Leafeon and Glaceon, can now be obtained using the mossy and glacial lure modules respectively. The other new one, the magnetic lure module, makes Magnezone and Probopass now available.


Burmy and its evolved forms Wormadam and Mothim are now available to catch in the Pokemon Go wild. The bug-type Pokemon doesn’t offer much in terms of the Pokemon Go meta but does allow trainers to get that bit closer to completing the Gen 4 Pokedex.

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Pokemon CriesBurmy and its different cloaks…
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Burmy also comes in three different cloaks which determines the color of it. These are plant cloak, sandy cloak and trash cloak. All three have been confirmed to be catchable with feedback suggesting the cloaks depend on the biome where they are caught.


Shellos and its evolved form Gastrodon can come in two different appearances: West Sea (pink and white) or East Sea (Blue and Green).

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Pokemon FandomThe evolved form of Shellos, Gastrodon…

Interestingly, it was spawning at the beginning of May but as it did stopped doing so abruptly, it appears that it being released initially was a mistake.

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Cherrim, Cherubi’s evolved form, is spawning with regularity in the Pokemon Go wild.

Pokemon FandomCherubi isn’t appearing in the Pokemon Go wild but Cherrim is…

However, sightings for the Cherubi have been few and far between. Some reports suggest it is only obtainable by hatching an egg.


Pokemon Go trainers have been particularly excited about the introduction of the dragon and ground-type, Gible.

Pokemon FandomGarchomp is the final evolved form of Gible…

Its final evolved form, Garchomp, following on from Gabite, provides some decent stats. Its attack is ranked 19 of all Pokemon currently available.


The ground-type Hippopotas is available in both the wild and eggs. Neither Hippopotas or Hippowdon offer much in the way of competitive battling in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon FandomHippopotas is now available in Pokemon Go…

Some Pokemon Go trainers have been confusing its different colors for its shiny form. The two color variants are determined by gender.

New lure modules

Much has been made of the new lure modules as two of them can cause Eevee to evolve into the popular Leafeon or Glaceon.

However, the magnetic lure module can cause two other evolutions. Magneton and Nosepass have been available in Pokemon Go for a while now, but their evolved forms have evaded the game.

NianticNew lure modules are available in Pokemon Go…

Now, thanks to the magentic lure module, both can be evolved into Magnezone and Probopass respectively.

Earth power

The Pokemon Go news of new lure modules and Pokemon also comes with the addition of a powerful new move.

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On top of some of the new Gen 4 Pokemon being released, Groudon, Mamoswine, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Aerodactyl, Camerupt, and Claydol can all learn Earth Power.

This latest wave of Gen 4 Pokemon means only 8 remain. The remainder will likely be added via various events over the coming months.