Pokemon Go fans “underwhelmed” by Rising Heroes season reveal

Philip Trahan
pokemon go rising heroes header

Pokemon Go players are already feeling a bit underwhelmed with the content promised for Season 10, Rising Heroes.

Pokemon Go’s Rising Heroes season is officially here, bringing with it Regieleki and Regidrago’s debut, new Timed Research quests, and more.

While there’s definitely new content to look forward to throughout the season, Rising Heroes marks the game’s 10th season of content and some players are starting to feel the fatigue.

Especially off the back of the rocky Pokemon Go Global Hoenn Tour event, some underwhelmed fans have said they’re unimpressed with the season’s offering and may step back from the game for a bit.

Pokemon Go players unimpressed with Rising Heroes

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit featured a meme surrounding Rising Heroes. The image changed the season’s title to “Dropping Motivation” and listed a few lackluster offerings like themed stickers and Elite Raids returning.

Sadly, many trainers seemed to agree with the post and noted their lack of motivation for the new content. “After the Hoenn event, I decided [to] take a break. These announcements haven’t changed my mind. Game is beyond stale and the things that they add are so lame or player unfriendly that I just can’t continue,” said one fan.

Others echoed similar sentiments and said they felt no real pull to come back and play in Season 10. “Nice! My wallet can take a break finally, I genuinely hope Niantic clears their head and provides us some decent content this year if they wanna change up how people play their game.”

One of the biggest disappointments among the player base was the return of Elite Raids and the news that Regieleki and Regidrago would be locked behind them.

For those who may not know, Elite Raids debuted with Hoopa Unbound and were quickly panned by the community thanks to their difficulty and in-person exclusivity.

Fans cited plenty of other reasons for their lack of enthusiasm, such as increased Remote Raid Pass pricing and more paid Timed Research quests. While some voiced optimism about Rising Heroes’ offerings, it seems clear that plenty of Pokemon Go fans aren’t excited about the game’s future.