Pokemon Go fans slam Rising Heroes season: “One of the worst”

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go fans have called Season 10 Rising Heroes “one of the worst seasons” across the game’s seven-year history.

It’s safe to say that Pokemon Go fans haven’t had the best time with the game in the first half of 2023.

Fans have voiced their frustration with things like buggy events and the controversial Remote Raid Pass changes, which has made community sentiment towards the game lower than ever before.

Now, some fans have started calling Season 10 Rising Heroes, “one of the worst seasons in Pokemon Go yet,” after listing all the lackluster events and changes made since the season began.

Pokemon Go fans criticize Rising Heroes season

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit sparked the discussion surrounding Rising Heroes, where many trainers voiced criticism against Season 10’s content and updates.

A user named RyantheSithLord7 shared a meme image with a caption that said, “Rising Heroes has got to be one of the worst seasons in Pokemon Go yet. From the mediocre events as of late to the BS that Niantic tried to pull.”

The meme featured the Knights of the Round table pointing their swords, with each sword representing a poorly received change or update. The OP criticized things like paywalls, Larvesta’s hatch rate, and the Remote Raid Pass nerf.

Plenty of trainers in the comments also lampooned the Rising Heroes season, mentioning other changes not included in the original image. “Don’t forget Increased Rocket Spawns but ability to see them before clicking on them is broken,” said one fan.

Another player chimed in and said, “Don’t forget one thing that’s worse than most of these, defunding The Silph Road/arena,” in reference to the recent announcement that The Silph Road website would be shutting down.

While there were an abundance of comments talking about the negative aspects of Season 10, there were some who were still optimistic for the future, as one player reminded the community: “June 1st [is] a new start and a new season.”

Though not every player shared their optimism, it’s fairly clear that Pokemon Go fans are ready to leave Rising Heroes behind once June 2023 rolls around.

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