Pokemon Go fans plotting boycott of in-game purchases after Remote Raid Pass leaks

pokemon go remote raid pass boycott headerNiantic

Pokemon Go fans have started planning a boycott of in-app purchases following leaked information that Niantic will raise prices for Remote Raid Passes.

The conversation surrounding Pokemon Go’s in-app has risen to the forefront of the community lately thanks to issues like recent event ticket prices that many deemed overpriced.

Now, a recent datamine revealed that Niantic has plans to raise the price of Remote Raid Passes. As one would expect, this news has not sat well with the community.

As a result, Pokemon Go players have started to rally together to boycott in-game purchases for an entire week after the change goes into effect as a way to show Niantic they’re not happy.

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Pokemon Go players planning another boycott

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit by a user named Moumantai gained traction after laying out the plans for the boycott. The post’s title read, “In case Niantic goes through with their Remote Raid Pass changes, this is how we can react as a community and show we aren’t ok with their greediness. Join the cause and save money!”

Included in the post was an infographic that laid out the steps the community could follow to potentially send their message to Niantic. Step one asked players to not purchase Remote or Premium Raid Passes and boxes for an entire week.

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The second step asked players not to increase the amount of in-person Raids they did, while the third step asked others who supported the boycott to kindly spread the word about it.

Many players voiced their support for the boycott, with some even suggesting players should go further to get Niantic’s attention. “Or you could just quit for a week+. I don’t mean that with any vitriol or holier-than-thou type tone either.”

The original poster noted that they’d “set the bar low so more people could participate,” and that it would be unrealistic to expect people to suddenly stop playing altogether for an entire week.

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While the movement has garnered a lot of attention on the Pokemon Go subreddit, it remains to be seen whether it will actually have any tangible effect on Niantic’s decision to raise the price of Remote Raid Passes.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the Pokemon Go community boycotted the game, and if Niantic keeps making changes like these it certainly won’t be the last.