Pokemon Go announces another round of infamous Hoopa Elite Raids and fans are over it

Hoopa Unbound Elite Raids Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go brings Hoopa Unbound back for the third round of Elite Raids, and while the Mythical Pokemon is powerful, many fans are not enthused about its overlap with the Mythic Blade event – or its appearance at all.

Pokemon Go fans currently have their hands full with the Mythic Blade event, which is part of the new Mythical Wishes season and the upcoming double December Community Days that will bring back past featured species from 2021 and 2022. However, a surprise has many fans upset.

Hoopa Unbound first debuted in Pokemon Go during the October Elite Raids that were announced ahead of Halloween. The Mythical Pokemon can only be battled in person and is exceptionally difficult to tackle, requiring many trainers to be present.

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Additionally, the Elite Raids take 24 hours to hatch and only offer players 30 minutes to defeat Hoopa Unbound before it vanishes. This has caused issues with clogging up Raid spawns in smaller communities, as well as preventing players from battling multiple Hoopa for a better opportunity of defeating it. Unfortunately, fans were unhappy with the Elite Raids – and they keep coming back.

Pokemon Go players have had enough of Hoopa Unbound

In an official Twitter post by PokemonGoApp, Niantic has announced that Hoopa Unbound has returned for its third appearance in Elite Raids.

Instead of players sharing excitement in the comments, most were distraught. One trainer states, “Great if you live in a downtown core….not so great for the suburbs and rural communities. If my boyfriend and I can’t defeat it the two of us then out of luck without a remote pass.” while another adds, “3rd time we get this now… we had enough of Hoopa.. if it was something new in Elite raids, something that’s bigger, you would hyped that up… try to listen to the community.. at least give it a try.”

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Additionally, it seems the update from Niantic has come too late for many Pokemon Go players, with one commenting, “Oh give up, your far for late for this. It’s already happened in half the time zones in the world!” and another slamming the mobile app by saying, “All wrapped up 12hr ago here, but thanks for the announcement I guess Barely anyone interested in it here anyway, but would have been good to be confirmed ahead of time”.

The lack of communication about the Elite Raids and the issues with glitches and timing problems have frustrated most Pokemon Go fans. Hopefully, the next Elite Raid will be announced soon, giving players something new to challenge.

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