Pokemon Go player shreds Hoenn Tour’s missing bonuses

Pokemon Go Tour lacks Hoenn bonusesNiantic

Pokemon Go players are frustrated with a lack of bonuses during the Go Tour: Hoenn event, comparing the global free celebration against last year’s ticketed event.

Pokemon Go players have vocalized anxiety about the Go Tour: Hoenn event over the past few weeks. Issues during the in-person Las Vegas event, as well as a lack of paid tickets for the Global event happening February 25 and 26, have left many unsure if the celebration will be worth participating in.

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With the event active in many parts of the world, there have already been reports of Raid issues, as well as disappointment with Shiny rates for featured encounters. To top it off, the event also has no bonuses, leaving players to grind experience, slowly hatch eggs, and generally lack incentives for participating.

Many Pokemon Go players have taken to social media, pointing out the missing bonuses and questioning why Niantic would choose to leave them out of the event when they have been a staple of past major events for years.

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Pokemon Go Players slam Niantic for omitting event bonuses

In a post shared to the r/pokemongo subreddit, player Thepokegohunter_ has shared the details for the Go Tour: Hoenn event.

While there are piles of Pokemon to find, including Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, many have pointed out the missing bonuses. One player states, “Com days have more bonuses than this event and they happen 12+ times a year” while another adds, “So wait, no dust/xp/egg distance bonus? Regionals locked behind 10km eggs? No trade bonus?”

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Pokemon Go fans have also taken to Twitter, with LargeJoey_2005 sharing a meme that compares the Hoenn and Johto Tour events.

Unfortunately, with the weather less than favorable in many areas, and a lack of bonuses turning gameplay into a grind, the Go Tour: Hoenn event may not be the most rewarding for fans of the mobile game.