Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for keeping Elite Raids “in-person” only

pokemon go hoopa unbound village headerThe Pokemon Company / Pixabay / Niantic

Pokemon Go players slam Niantic’s decision to limit the new Elite Raid battles to in-person only and fans are claiming it limits inclusivity.

Pokemon Go recently announced the addition of Elite Raid battles, which serve as a more challenging raid mode.

Unfortunately, the launch of Elite Raids did not go over well with some fans as many called out Niantic for “ruining” Litwick’s Community Day event.

Now, more players have slammed Pokemon Go’s Elite Raids for their lack of inclusivity, as Niantic limited the event to in-person participants only.

Pokemon Go fans furious with “in-person” only Elite Raids

Plenty of fans voiced their frustrations with the restrictions following the announcement made on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account.

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“Not having remote raiding for these is a big mistake on your end Niantic. Many people aren’t going to have time to prioritize these 24 hour raids,” said Twitter user VGMike7.

Niantic’s sunsetting of remote raiding has been a cause for concern among the Pokemon Go community for some time, as the company slowly started making Remote Raid Passes harder to come by.

While Pokemon Go clearly wants players to participate in their in-person events, some members of the community feel this change is only holding the game back.

“Wow. Only in person. What a crummy deal. Niantic sure loves making this game unplayable for the vast majority of potential players,” said TrainerFaura.

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Some trainers also think Niantic is limiting Pokemon Go’s inclusivity by requiring fans to play in person. “Once again Niantic proves that they hate everyone who doesn’t live in a big urban city, is disabled, and/or doesn’t have a big community in their area.”

Despite calls for change, it seems as though there are no immediate plans to shift Elite Raids away from in-person-only participation.