Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for constantly getting “punked” by disappointing Raids

Josh Taylor
Pokemon's Ash Ketchum being dissapointed.

Players of Pokemon Go have had enough of constantly grinding Raids only to keep receiving lackluster rewards for their efforts.

Pokemon Go’s Raids have long been a hot topic in the community. Despite Raids being out for many years, fellow trainers have been well-known to speak their mind on the on-going issues.

The key feature has been critized for a whole range of different reasons. These include anything, such as Elite Raids being a “waste of money”, not catering for Rural players or them just being “impossible” to complete.

Now, after one player revealed how dissapointed they were from grinding Raids, legions of players stormed in to share their own disatrous experiences and have slammed Niantic.

Pokemon Go players feel “punked” over lackluster Raid rewards

Pokemon Go player ZeligD expressed to the community: “feel like I’m being punked,” after they grinded to complete 45 Raids and was not impressed with their rewards, especially their Giratina.

“No shiny Cresselia, Heatran, Uxie, Mespirit, Azelf and now Giratina because Raid hour is over I’ve run out of Remote Passes. Nothing over 90% IV since Darkrai. But hey at least I got the equivalent of a Raid Nundo.”

The OP further explained that the 45 Raids were not completed back to back, but over the course of the day: “Not 45 in one hour but a mix of local and remote raids since 11am this morning.”

Some trainers praised their efforts: “I salute your dedication Sir,” while one said: “Thanks for sucking up all the bad luck friend. We all appreciate you!”

Many players flooded in to chime in with their own dissapointing Raid experiences: “Bro I’ve done 30 and my highest is a 83. No shinys. I refuse to do any more unless local.”

As another claimed they had thrown 30 balls and made 28 Excellent throws, but still caught nothing. They ended by stating: “2 Remote Raid Passes wasted. F*ck you, Niantic. F*ck. You. Do you hate your players as much as it seems?”

This has not been the only feature that has been bashed by the community. Pokemon Go players have also been bashing the new Road to Sinnoh event, calling it the “worst event” of all time.