Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remakes may have a new Shiny hunting method

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl AzelfILCA / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans believe that Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl may get a new Shiny hunting feature. A leaker’s viral tease has sparked speculation that the Sinnoh remakes could add a new spin on the mechanic. 

After 15 years, the Pokemon franchise is revisiting Gen IV with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl hitting stores on November 19, 2021. While the RPGs are marketed as a faithful reimagining, studio ILCA has also promised a flurry of modern features coming to the remakes.

Fans of the Game Freak series were sent into a frenzy on October 26 after a prominent leaker hinted at major changes coming to a section of the Sinnoh region map. Could the revamped location be a new feature for catching Legendaries and Shiny ‘mon?

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Dawn throwing Pokeball screenshotILCA / The Pokemon Company
Could the Sinnoh remakes get a new Shiny feature?

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Shiny feature leaked?

In October, a Nintendo leaker that goes by the alias ‘Chinese Riddler‘ released a handful of teases for Pokemon Legends Arceus. While the supposed “leaks” were in the form of cryptic riddles, they were later proven accurate after revealing Hisuian Zorua and Hisuian Zoroark days before their official announcement.

The leaks account is back again, this time for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. On October 26, their latest hint was a zoomed in screenshot of the Sinnoh remasters map, which showed a drastically different looking version of the Pal Park.

A message was also tweeted out to go along with the picture, and was posted by associate of the Riddler, Nihilego Khu. “Here is a good place for newcoming fans,” the caption read. Fans immediately noticed that the familiar locale now has several caves and new locations that were not originally in the 2006 DS titles.

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Speculation was kicked into overdrive when the account also posted an image of a Shiny Ponyta with a comment that exclaimed “How lucky!”

The cryptic tease was picked up on the r/PokeLeaks forum where fans theorized that the Pal Park in BDSP would possibly be used for catching Legendary ‘mon. “It’s one of the few areas of BDSP who got a full redesign and they are still keeping it secret, so it’s intriguing,” one user pointed out.

The player then speculated, “I think that old Legendaries, rare Pokemon from the original 493 will be there. Including these, the regional variants, and eventually every evolution, and a new Shiny method since the Riddler posted Shiny Ponyta.”

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Shiny Hunting theory on reddit

The leaker’s tease of it being a “good place for newcoming fans” as well as the Shiny Ponyta sparked theories that the Sinnoh remakes could get a new location for Shiny hunting and catching rare characters similar to Gen 8’s Crown Tundra mode, Dynamax Adventures.

Of course, it should be stated to take everything with a major grain of salt. While the Chinese Riddler appears to have got some things right in the past, it doesn’t mean everything they post is fact.

It’s also unclear whether the map change is actually tied to their Shiny tweet. One thing is for sure, though – it looks like we are getting a completely revamped Pal Park, and all the possibilities there alone is certainly exciting.

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