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Pokemon Legends Arceus leak reveals new starter evolutions and Hisuian forms

Published: 22/Oct/2021 13:29

by David Purcell


Leaked Pokemon Legends Arceus details have been dumped online and the person behind them has fled, leaving fans with food for thought on Hisuian forms and changes to how the starter Pokemon will evolve.

The Hisui Region is pretty much an unknown entity, even just a few months before release.

The Pokemon Company has confirmed there will be new variants in the way of unique forms, specific to the region, but with it being set in a historical period before Gen 4 was ever discovered, surprises were always expected.

With the title being released on Nintendo Switch in January 2022, the rumor mill has been turning faster than ever before. Everybody has a theory, concepts to share, or ideas for how the Sinnoh origin story will unfold. In the midst of that, some leaks have been discredited… maybe too soon.


A huge dumping of leaked details from a user called Chinese Riddler and other sources occurred in early October, claiming there would be a big batch of new Hisuian forms – as reported by PokeJungle.

And days before Game Freak released a static-filled found-footage trailer, one insider not only knew the trailer was coming before anyone else, but revealed the new Hisuian form would be Zorua and Zoroark – which was later confirmed.

All of this has led people to wonder about the credibility of the initial dumping, which interestingly has been removed completely.

Leak: Pokemon Legends Arceus starter evolutions to get Hisuian forms

typhlosion and ash in pokemon
The Typhlosion trainers know and love could be in for some big changes in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

The following starter Pokemon evolutions have been named in recent leaks.


  • Typhlosion: Fire / Ghost
  • Samurott: Water / Dark
  • Decidueye: Grass / Fighting

As PokeJungle reported, these are not the only Pokemon being named by leakers as potential beneficiaries of Hisuian forms in Pokemon Legends Arceus. There is an entire list of them, which means turning back time could reshape large portions of the early Pokedex.

Hisuian forms leaked

Leakers such as Ball Guy LEAKS have claimed they are aware of 17 Hisuian forms in total, some of which have been named or spotted in promotional material for the upcoming title.

  • Sneasol
  • Voltorbe
  • Electrode

Here is a post about Sneasol, which looks set to get a new evolution – if these leaks are to be believed.

Ball Guy Leaks also claimed that there would be no DLC with Pokemon Legends Arceus.


Much of these potentially leaked details were discussed in a Hangouts call from the popular insider Eclipse, known for scoops in the Pokemon scene. To that point, a user involved in the chat called demipokemon took notes and posted them to Twitter in a thread.

Other Pokemon Legends Arceus leaks

Whether this information is accurate or not remains to be seen, though much of it was re-posted and released after the initial dump of content. For now, take all of this with a grain of salt.

As ever, once official confirmation of these forms is released, we’ll keep you in the loop on Twitter @TrainerIntel.