Pokemon anime schedule leaked with new episodes after Ultimate Journeys

David Purcell
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Pokemon Ultimate Journeys fans have been speculating about the future of the series and now a leaked schedule of episodes has been released.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys viewers have been wondering if the lead character, Ash Ketchum, will still be around in the near future – after securing his status as the best trainer in the world in November.

The show has still not come to a close, either, with the final episodes expected to be a farewell moment for Goh.

If you’re wondering what’s up next for the series, a fresh bundle of information has been reported by Japanese news outlets.

Pokemon anime schedule with future episode slots

The upcoming schedule was posted on Twitter by Dogasu – an account that regularly translates and shares Pokemon news coming out of Japan.

They said: “According to the January 2023 issue of Animedia,” referring to a Japanese magazine with tabs on Pokemon shows. “Which just became available digitally, the AniPoke schedule for the next month is as follows…”

  • December 16 – Satoshi and Gou! A New Journey!
  • December 23 – TBA
  • December 30 – No new episode
  • January 6 – TBA

Animage also reported the same schedule, stating staff listings for the projects are to be determined, at the time of writing.

That leaves two slots on the upcoming calendar free, which means all eyes will now turn to official sources for news on what’s next.

Though comments from Pokemon anime staff members worried fans about the future of Ash’s ongoing journey, it seems The Pokemon Company still has plans to continue the anime.

With early looks at Pokemon Scarlet & Violet starters through a Team Rocket short, it seems clear that Ash is going to travel to Paldea next just like those trainers playing the Pokemon video games.

Fans will be looking forward to seeing the next chapter of the Pokemon anime – especially now that we know Ash is staying on screen after his World Championship victory in November.

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