Pokemon anime fans speculate which Scarlet & Violet starter Ash will choose

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With Ash’s Championship win under his belt in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, many are wondering when he will head for Scarlet & Violet’s Paldea region, and which starter may be his next companion.

The Pokemon anime has been at the center of wild speculation over the past few months as Ash battled through the World Championship and Goh joined Project Mew. However, with the Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episodes coming to a close, many are excited to know what Ash Ketchum will do next.

With Ash beating Galar Champion Leon during the conclusion of the World Championship Tournament, many Pokemon anime fans are wondering if Ash’s storyline has finally come to a close. However, recent information indicates the spunky protagonist will likely continue his journey in Scarlet & Violet’s Paldea region.

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Knowing that Ash’s story will continue, many are already speculating what his adventures in the new Gen 9 region could look like. This includes guesses at which of the three new starter Pokemon Ash might choose as his new companion.

Which Paldean Stater is perfect for Ash Ketchum the Pokemon anime?

Fans are saying Quaxly, according to a Twitter post shared by AnipokeFandom.

In the post, the Pokemon Anime-focused Twitter account shares screenshots of Fuecoco’s recent teaser alongside Team Rocket. The adorable Fire-starter grins at the team before tackling them for an Oran Berry, knocking them into the sky.

Fans in the comments are debating the teaser, with one fan speculating, “I saw this pic…and Quaxly is here but no Sprigatito and Fuecoco…so I guess, Ash will get Quaxly (maybe lol)” alongside an image of a magazine cover.

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Other fans aren’t so sure, saying that all teasers can’t be trusted. One user comments, “After they bamboozled us twice with Eevee and Sobble, I don’t trust these magazines anymore.” while another adds, “This is why I don’t trust stuff like this. We end up getting bamboozled.”

For now, it is impossible to know which Paldean Starter Ash could end up with. He tends to lean toward the Water-type and Fire-type starters, giving both Fuecoco and Quaxly a good chance. However, there is a possibility the anime will throw a curve ball, and Ash could end up partnered with Grass-type Sprigatito for a change of pace.

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Hopefully, more information will become available as Pokemon Ultimate Journeys concludes. This will gives fans the chance to get hyped about the next adventure in the Pokemon anime.