Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode 135 preview sets up emotional goodbye for Ash & Goh

goh and ash pokemon ultimate journeysPokemon

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode 135 finally has a preview video and it looks like Ash Ketchum is ready to leave Goh behind in the next step of the series.

Goh was one of the protagonists of Pokemon Journeys: The Series and has been a traveling companion for Ash in Ultimate Journeys.

Given the recent speculation about Ash’s future, following his Pokemon World Championship triumph in November, rumors have been put to bed by Tokyo TV bosses – who confirmed the lead character will continue to be on screen for another adventure.

However, the same can’t be said for everyone on the current cast, it seems.

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Pokemon UItimate Journeys episode 135 preview trailer

On December 2, a rough translation showed episode 136’s title teased the next step for the Pokemon trainers, hinting they may not be on the road together for much longer.

In addition to that, the episode 135 preview – released by The Pokemon Company in Japan – shows Ash, Goh, and Chloe returning to the place where Professor Oak’s Pokemon Camp was located.

The video has since been reuploaded by PokeZilla 2.0, as seen below.

This is a clear reference to the first-ever Ultimate Journeys episode and might foreshadow them closing a chapter on screen.

While it may end up being an emotional end to this storyline, it does open the door for the cast to be given a reshuffle once again – and many fans want Misty to return at some point in the future.

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Whether or not the stars will align for that type of comeback remains unlikely, though one thing is certain… Things are looking very interesting in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys.