Niantic trolls Pokemon Go player with impossible encounter task

David Purcell
pokemon go trainerNiantic

Pokemon Go players are always quick to voice their opinion on changes made by Niantic, and this time the developers have gotten some payback… Even if it’s unintentional.

Niantic has been praised for the latest changes in the mobile game, available on both Android and iOS devices, where they added a Daily Adventure Incense on July 26.

This new addition encourages users to get out and about again, granting them 15 minutes with increased chances of nearby encounters.

But it’s not the only way to find Pokemon in the wild – as many are often found near Pokestops, making them sitting ducks for those passing by.

Pokemon Go Pokestop trolls player

That said, as seen in a Reddit post from user SkyrimNerd51 on the Pokemon Go page, sometimes not everything is as easy as it seems in the game.

They posted: “Niantic just messing with me now,” showing a nearby Jangmo’o at a PokeStop.

Now, usually, this would make for a simple catch for a trainer, as they would visit the location to encounter it.

However, there was a problem as the game had placed it inside the confines of a gated community, making it impossible to get to unless you live there.

One commenter replied to the situation with a joke: “Clipboard and orange vest. Say ur testing the PH.”

Another said: “You can go anywhere if you bring a ladder.”

If the ladder wasn’t helpful enough as a suggestion, how about this: “Tell them you are interested in renting and would just like to scope out the area.”

Either way, there’s no doubt that this made it a lot more challenging than it had to be to encounter a Jangmo’o. Hopefully, they will find another one soon – without the obstacles.