New Pokemon Wiglett revealed for Scarlet & Violet

Andrew Highton
wiglett sticking out of the ground in pokemon scarlet & violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Pokedex just had the curtain pulled back a bit more after footage of Wiglett emerged — a new wiggly, worm-like creature.

Any new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet news is always welcome, whether it’s details on the game’s battle features or a closer look at the larger-than-life Titan Pokemon in Paldea.

The latest information is certainly rather juicy as The Pokemon Company has built hype for the upcoming Scarlet and Violet iterations of the series by revealing a brand new, bizarre-looking, Pokemon called Wiglett.

Long-time fans of the franchise will already get a sense of familiarity with its name, and a closer inspection of its design make its origins very clear.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Wiglett footage revealed

Serebii has shown off some limited, first-ever footage of our new critter.

In the 3-minute video, Wiglett is described as a “so-called Diglett” and as the camera zooms in on the unusual-looking creature, you quickly realize that its name and design resemble one of the Gen 1 icons – Diglett.

Wiglett is described as an “evolved form of Diglett” and is clearly identifiable with its white coloring and mesmerically wavy body movements.

The video goes on to say that this new Paldean-based Pokemon has unique properties that differentiate it completely from Diglett — of which we can see that it’s comfortable being near water, something Diglett is not.

Not too much else is shown off regarding Wiglett and we didn’t get a chance to see how it performs in battle and how desirable it might be.

Nevertheless, this is another cool inside look at Pokemon Scarlet & Violet ahead of the game’s release date, and Wiglett is just one of the many new forms that we’ll get to see, battle, and capture in the latest generation of Pokemon games.

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