Pokemon Wiglett plush looks inappropriate thanks to bizarre photo angle

Noelle Corbett
Three Wiglett on a beach in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Fans are roasting a new plush of the Gen 9 Pokemon Wiglett for its weird design and even weirder promo images.

Since it was announced for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as a convergent species related to Diglett, fans have noted that the Garden Eel Pokemon Wiglett has a somewhat ridiculous, potentially inappropriate, design.

Those comparisons between the long, cylindrical white creature and, to put it delicately, private parts were only amplified by promotional images for a new Wiglett plushie on the Pokemon Center website.

Despite the product description stating that the plush’s body is posable, the photographers seemed to ignore that in favor of showing potential buyers its 10 1/4 inch size. In all but one of the photos, Wiglett’s eyes are partially or fully obscured, resulting in images that emphasize its long body emerging from a sandy base.

Fans confused and entertained by Pokemon Center showing off Wiglett plush

Of course, it didn’t take long for fans to weigh in on the plush’s design and how Pokemon chose to photograph a creature that already looks pretty inappropriate.

Most questioned the images chosen by Pokemon Center, which don’t really show fans what the Pokemon is supposed to look like.

Unsurprisingly given Wiglett’s design and these unfortunately framed photos, others went for much dirtier jokes.

That the Pokemon Center website description prominently displays the plush’s size and says that Wiglett is “ready to stand tall” just adds fuel to the fire.

Wiglett isn’t the only Pokemon being roasted by fans right now. The latest Pokemon Presents announced several new creatures joining Scarlet and Violet in the upcoming Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC. A Paradox Pokemon related to Gen 2’s Raikou called Raging Bolt is already proving controversial, with fans comparing it to a giraffe, the Pokemon Farigiraf, one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s tallnecks, and more.

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