Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s “Let’s Go” and Auto Battle features explained

Laura Gray
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Lets Go and Auto Battle Explination

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet updates from social media have clarified new mechanics in the game, giving players a breakdown on the “Let’s Go” and Auto Battle features that will be included in open-world exploration.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are just a few months from their November 18 release date, and more information about the Paldea region is slowly being explained through updates and trailers. The new open world of Generation 9 will be very different from past games.

In a few recent social media updates from The Pokemon Company and Nintendo, players were given more details about the “Let’s Go” and Auto Battle mechanics seen in the most recent trailer. These new features will help streamline exploration, creating a smoother expirience.

Below is everything we know so far about the “Let’s Go” and Auto Battle mechanics in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet explain “Let’s Go” for exploring

According to a recent Twitter post shared by Nintendo, the “Let’s Go” feature will allow players to send out their Pokemon independently. They can then search the area for items to bring back to the player.

This feature is particularly exciting following the Sword & Shield Wild Area, which was littered with items the player had to painstakingly collect while trying to avoid wild Pokemon encounters. It will also create a more natural exploration feel, as the player won’t have to scout each location for sparkling item notifications.

Unfortunately, it isn’t known how far the Pokemon can wander from their trainers, or if there are certain restrictions on what the companions will find. However, it seems likely Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will limit what they can pick up.

Paldea introduces the Auto Battle mechanic

In a Twitter post shared by the official Pokemon account, players have also gotten a look at the Auto Battle mechanic. This new type of gameplay will allow players to send out their Pokemon free of their turn-based command to take on opponents.

It was also noted in the Nintendo post for the “Let’s Go” feature that the Auto Battle mechanic will work with wild Pokemon throughout Scarlet & Violet’s map, and not just Trainer battles.

While this mechanic is likely designed to help streamline the grind of taking on opponent after opponent, it could be met with some skepticism by long-time fans of the franchise. Letting a Pokemon battle free of the trainer removes the concept that a battle is a cooperative partnership.

Hopefully, the new additions to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will heighten gameplay, and not remove the companionship bond that is so important to fans of the series.

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