Mizkif’s Twitch chat beats chaotic ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’ in incredible time

Mizkif wins Twitch Plays PokemonNintendo / Mizkif

A Twitch Plays Pokemon livestream hosted by popular streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo has been beaten after 12 days and 5 hours.

Twitch Plays Pokemon has become a popular activity on Twitch thanks to its interactive elements, allowing livestream viewers to decide what happens during a game of Pokemon by spamming commands into chat.

As you can imagine, the potential for chaos is high, with sometimes hundreds of people attempting to decide where a trainer should travel or what moves they should use to win (or lose) a battle.

Pokemon FireRed Twitch

Popular streamer Mizkif hosted his own Twitch Plays Pokemon recently, inviting viewers to take part in a game of Pokemon Fire Red with a number of specific challenges such as completing the game’s seventh gym within 24 hours.

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There were plenty of obstacles and mishaps along the way, but Mizkif’s Twitch viewers finally completed the game on December 28, 2020, taking a total of 12 days and 5 hours to achieve the impressive feat.

Mizkif took to Twitter to celebrate the achievement with a message to his followers, writing: “YOU DID IT. TWITCH PLAYS POKEMON BEATEN IN 12 DAYS 5 HOURS. CONGRATULATIONS!!”

He also shared a clip of the moment the player became the new League Champion after taking down Rival Green at the Indigo Plateau. The final battle was won after viewers chose to use Tauros’ Strength on the opponent’s Blastoise.

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The game of Fire Red was completed with a powerful team of Pokemon that consisted of Haunter, Hitmonlee, Exeggutor, Doduo, Tauros, and Arcanine, who Mizkif referred to as the “heroes” of the stream.

Mizkif’s viewers beat the game faster than the original Twitch Plays Pokemon FireRed in April 2014, where it took 15 days and 2 hours to finish the game.

Given the chaotic nature of the challenge, the fact that the game was completed at all seems like a miracle, proving that when gamers come together they can achieve (almost) anything.

The journey wasn’t without its mishaps though. During the Twitch Plays Pokemon stream on December 22, things went horribly wrong when viewers voted to release Mizkif’s high-level Charizard into the wild while he was away.

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