Mizkif’s Twitch Plays Pokemon stream goes hilariously wrong while he’s away


During popular streamer Mizkif’s Twitch Plays Pokemon livestream on December 22, his game went hilariously wrong when the chat trolled him and released his high-level Charizard, after an overwelming majority of the viewers decided to do it.

Twitch Plays Pokemon is nothing new and, in theory, quite simple; livestream viwers get to decide different actions in a game of Pokemon by inputting commands into chat, which in turn controls what happens on screen.

It’s absolutely hilarious due to the amount of people inputting commands at the same time, especially when there are more people watching the stream and participating.

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Popular streamer Mizkif has been holding his own TPP livestream for a while now, with the most recent goal of beating the game’s 7th gym in 24 hours.

During the stream, one moment happened during that Mizkif probably wasn’t anticipating, and it’s certainly unfortunate, to say the least.

In the middle of the livestream, the chat voted to release his level 62 Charizard into the wild. For those that don’t play Pokemon, releasing essentially means that they got rid of the Pokemon and considering it was a high level…it’s clear that it was a huge loss.

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As one can see from the actual stream itself, 102 people voted to select “a” which officially released the Pokemon back into the wild. While the troll itself is hilarious in-and-of-itself, it might be traced back to another high-profile Twitch streamer.

On December 20, Twitch streamer Nmplol tasked his audience with releasing Mizkif’s Charizard within 24 hours and, in exchange, he would gift 500 subs.

Obviously, while that did happen, it didn’t happen within the 24 hour timeframe and once the Charizard was released, Nmlol was quick to point out that it didn’t happen quick enough on his Twitter.

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Regardless of the reasoning, the end result was the same: a level 62 Charizard is gone and it’s all the chat’s fault, at the end of the day.

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