Logan Paul claims he owns the most expensive Pokemon card in the world

YouTuber Logan Paul next to Charizard Pokemon cardYouTube: Logan Paul / Instagram: @BeckettMedia

After his fight with Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul claims that he is now in possession of the most expensive Pokemon card of all time. According to YouTuber, his rare Trading Card Game collectible is worth over $1,000,000 which would shatter all previous records.

Pokemon fans around the world were surprised when Logan Paul entered his fight with Floyd Mayweather on June 6th, 2021 wearing a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard card around his neck. The item was notably graded a 10 by Beckett, of which only three are known to exist in the world.

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It wasn’t just any ordinary TCG card, however, as the YouTuber spent money encrusting the edges with expensive diamonds. In a social media post after the fight, the 26-year-old now argues that his 1998 Base Set holographic is now the most expensive and valuable collectible in the world.

Logan Paul enters Mayweather fight with Charizard pokemon cardAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan Paul wore his rare Charizard card to his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul claims his Charizard Pokemon card is worth $1,000,000

While the same Charizard sold for $369,000 in December 2020, the Beckett graded version of the card has yet to go up for auction in recent years. Prior to June, many experts estimated that a BGS 10 could sell for as high as $500,000, seeing are there are only three in the world compared to PSA, which has roughly around 122.

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Logan Paul, however, argues that his collectible is worth more after being featured in his Floyd Mayweather boxing match. “Think my Charizard stole the show last night. 1st Edition, Pristine BGS 10… One of three in the world. My $1,000,000 good luck charm,” the star exclaimed in an Instagram post on June 7.

Although the YouTuber put a big spotlight on the Pokemon TCG with his stunt, many players and collectors slammed the star for encouraging further scalping by putting such a big emphasis on its value. His claims that the 1998 holographic is worth $1,000,000 is sure to stir up further controversy as it would officially be the most expensive Pokemon card in the world.

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The grading company itself appeared to back up Paul’s million-dollar claim with a tweet one day after the boxing match that stated: “Pokemon fans and collectors erupted when they noticed @LoganPaul’s BGS Bling was a $1M Pristine Charizard draped around his neck. Oh, he also fought Floyd Mayweather as well.”

Some Pokemon collectors have already started to dispute the card’s value, with one user even going as far as accusing the YouTuber of switching out the PSA Grade 10 Charizard he bought from Gary ‘King Pokemon’ in October 2020 for $150,000.

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“$1 million valued by whom? This is just the $150k PSA 10 slab Logan bought last year. Why did the card manage to score a BGS pristine grade when Logan submitted it but not when Gary tried to cross-grade it 8 months earlier?”

Pokemon fan disputes Logan Paul's Charizard

As of June 2021, the most expensive Pokemon card on record is the rare Pikachu Illustrator card which sold for $375,000 at auction. Unlike the Charizard Logan Paul owns, the 1998 Japanese Pikachu promo was only printed a total of 39 times. And as of 2021, only 10 are known to even exist in the entire world. While it’s true only three Charizards have received the coveted 10 grade from BGS, there are millions of the card out there that could theoretically get that score.

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It’s hard to say what its true value actually is, or whether the YouTuber and BGS are including the diamonds added around the borders of the protective casing. The content creator is also banking on its value going up after being featured in his fight with Floyd Mayweather. Only time will tell if his rare Nintendo collectible truly is the most expensive Pokemon card in the world.

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