Pokemon card community slams Logan Paul for wearing $500k Charizard at Mayweather fight

Brent Koepp
YouTuber Logan Paul holding Charizard Pokemon Card

The Pokemon Trading Card Game got a major spotlight on June 6 when Logan Paul wore a rare Base Set Charizard around his neck during his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Pokemon card fans worry that the YouTuber’s viral stunt will only attract more scalpers.

While most boxers hype up their ring walks by dawning diamond necklaces and expensive jewelry, Logan Paul stunned many when he arrived at his fight against Floyd Mayweather wearing a rare 1st Edition Charizard Pokemon card around his neck worth up to $500k.

Despite the massive spotlight he put on the Nintendo collectibles, many TCG players seem furious by the move. Many worry that the YouTuber’s promotion of the hobby will only further encourage scalpers to continue to jump in and buy everything up.

Logan Paul holds Charizard Pokemon Cards
Logan Paul brought his Charizard Pokemon card to his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul’s Charizard at Floyd Mayweather match has Pokemon card fans worried

For many, the Pokemon TCG is in a dire place. Ever since the Nintendo collectibles saw an explosion in value in 2020, fans have not been able to buy new products as scalpers have flooded the hobby trying to cash in on the phenomenon.

Some players have placed the blame on YouTuber Logan Paul, who helped kickstart the craze in September 2020 when he told followers that Pokemon cards were worth investing in like “stocks.” So when the YouTuber wore a 1st Edition Charizard during his June 6 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, many were not happy.

As soon as the 26-year-old showed off the rare piece of cardboard, #Charizard immediately began to trend worldwide on Twitter. Upset Nintendo fans took to the social media platform to voice their concerns that a new wave of scalping could be reignited by the stunt.

“It’s Logan Paul’s fault Pokemon cards have been getting scalped recently,” one angry fan wrote. Another user agreed and exclaimed, “He’s the reason why scalpers exist, grabbing Pokemon cards off [store] shelves.”

A collector tweeted, “Well there goes my chance of me getting a single [Pokemon booster] pack in 6 + more months.”

Pokemon fans tweet about Logan Paul Charizard

Even prominent Pokemon YouTubers such as Frosted Caribou hit out at Logan Paul and those driving up the prices of the collectibles: “It’s never enough money for them. Ever.”

YouTuber Frosted Caribou calls out Logan Paul Charizard

Logan Paul’s rare Beckett graded 10 Charizard is one of only three in the entire world and is estimated to be worth $500k. The YouTuber’s card could even go up higher in value after being featured in his much-publicized match with Floyd Mayweather.
Despite the him genuinely being a fan of Pokemon, some TCG collectors have been critical of his focus on the items’ value and not the love of the game itself. The 26-year-old has faced accusations of treating the family-friendly hobby as a stock market.
Regardless of whether his impact has influenced scalpers in the past, many fans are now worried that his latest stunt will only further drive up prices and as a result, encourage sellers to flood the market to try to get in on the action.

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