Pokemon card worth $85k pulled during Logan Paul’s livestream – results

Brent Koepp
logan paul with pokemon card booster box

On October 9, Logan Paul opened up a rare 1st Edition Pokemon booster box worth $216k. Over 300,000 viewers tuned into the livestream as the YouTuber pulled a shadowless Charizard worth $85k. Here is every notable TCG card that was pulled, and who won the most.

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In September, Logan Paul surprised millions of fans when he revealed he’d spent an “estate’s worth” of money on Pokemon cards. The 25-year-old influencer explained that the Nintendo collectibles had become the new “art” worth investing in.

To celebrate, he bought a rare 1st Edition booster box of the 1999 base set, and sold each pack individually to buyers such as YouTuber Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson. On October 9, the star opened the box live, and here are the results of what was pulled during the epic event.

logan paul pulling charizard pokemon card
The YouTuber pulled an insanely rare Charizard during the Pokemon card event.

Logan Paul pulls rare Charizard during Pokemon card stream

Over 300k viewers tuned in to watch the YouTuber open up the incredibly rare Pokemon booster box. The star had sold each pack individually for $11,111, which netted him around a $200k profit.

Several major cards were pulled during the livestream, such as the yellow cheek Pikachu which can fetch $3–$5k, a Chansey worth up to $30k, and a Charizard estimated to be worth $65-85k. They’re worth even more because they are “shadowless” – cards that don’t have a shadow running down the right hand side of the art box.

Given that these are all pristine 1st Edition, even common cards are worth something. And of course, the values listed below are estimates which will ultimately be determined by grading. Here is everything that was pulled during the live event, and who – if notable – won them.

logan paul pulling chansey pokemon card
The YouTuber pulled a rare Chansey card that can go for $30k.

Pokemon 1st Edition booster box opening results

Rare Holo

  • Venusaur (est. value $30k)
  • Chansey (est. $30k)
  • Gyrados (est. $8.8k) – finance YouTuber Graham Stephan
  • Chansey (est. $30k)
  • Charizard (est. $65-85k) – Twitch streamer Kevin ‘Papaplatte’ Teller
  • Poliwrath (est $2-3k)
  • Raichu (est. $3-5k)
  • Blastoise (est. $30k)
  • Chansey (est. $30k) – entrepreneur Dan Fleyshman
  • Alakazam (est. $20k)
  • Mewtwo (est. $20-25k ) – Hypixel founder Simon ‘Hypixel’ Collins-Laflamme
  • Blastoise (est. $30k) – Mr Beast


  • Item Finder (est. $3k) – Mike Maljak
  • Imposter Professor Oak (est. $800) – YouTuber PokeRev
  • Pokemon Breeder (est. $800) – FaZe Clan’s Frazier ‘FaZe Kay’
  • Dragonair (est. $2.5k) – FaZe Kay
  • Dragonair (est. $2.5k) – Mr Beast
  • Electabuzz (est. $2.5k) – entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Computer Search (est. $800) – Jake Greenbaum from The Collectables Guru
  • Scoop Up (est. $750) – Jake Greenbaum
  • Super Energy Remover (est. $1.4k) – British rapper and YouTuber Randolph


  • Charmander (est. $3-5k) x6
  • Yellow Cheeks Pikachu (est. $3-5k) x4
  • Squirtle (est. $3-5k) x2
  • Yellow Cheeks Pikachu – Logan Paul’s mom
  • Bulbasaur (est. $30k)
  • Squirtle – Lachlan of Team PWR
  • Yellow Cheeks Pikachu – Lachlan of Team PWR
  • Bulbasaur – Lachlan of Team PWR
  • Squirtle – Dan Fleyshman
  • Squirtle – FaZe Kay
  • Bulbasaur – Jake Greenbaum
  • Squirtle – Randolph
  • Yellow Cheeks Pikachu – Randolph
  • Bulbasaur – Randolph

(Charizard pull starts at 01:17:07.)

In the end, the big winner in Logan Paul’s event was the incredible 1st Edition shadowless Charizard, as well as the multiple Chanseys. The Mewtwo and the common Bulbasaurs were major surprises as well, considering the insane amount they’re worth.

The live opening proves how massive the Pokemon Trading Card has become. Decades later, the hobby has seen an explosion in interest, and items have skyrocketed in value. If nothing else, it was a treat for many fans to see something from 1999 be opened for the very first time.