Logan Paul shows off incredible Pokemon card collection

pokemon card logan paulYouTube: Logan Paul / The Pokemon Company / PSA

Popular YouTuber Logan Paul went viral on Instagram after showing off his insanely rare Pokemon Trading Card Game collection. The internet personality put a spotlight on the TCG’s recent explosion in value.

The Pokemon TCG originally made its debut in 1999, and took the world by storm. Decades later, some of its rarest items can sell for as much as a house. In the last two years especially, the Trading Card Game has seen an explosion in value.

YouTube star Logan Paul went viral on social media when he revealed he had bought a 1st Edition Charizard from the base set. The 25-year-old explained to his followers that the Nintendo franchise is now legitimate art and a viable “business” worth investing in.

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pokemon cardsGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Pokemon TCG has continued to be popular even decades later.

Logan Paul shares rare Pokemon TCG collection

The star surprised his millions of followers when he posted his rare Pokemon cards on Twitter. His collection consisted of a 1st Edition shadowless Charizard, which can go for anywhere from $40k all the way to $60k given the condition.

Other notable cards are a 1st Edition shadowless Alakazam, 1st Edition Gyrados signed by artist Mitsuhiro Arita, and a 1st Edition Pikachu with red cheeks, which was only available in early sets before his cheeks were changed to yellow.

The YouTuber called the Trading Card Game art. “nostalgia + business = new art. just bought an estate’s worth of Pokemon cards, most fun investment I’ve ever made,” he tweeted.

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The personality elaborated further on why he made the purchase on Instagram and explained: “these things are appreciating like crazy. As collectibles are becoming very low supply, high demand art pieces.” He also added, “Alakazam is my personal favorite.”

logan paul instagram postInstagram: @loganpaul
The popular YouTuber explained why he is investing in Pokemon cards.

While Logan Paul isn’t the first person you would think of when it comes to Pokemon, his spotlight on the hobby – particularly as a collector’s market – can only be good for owners.

While the TCG originally was enjoyed by kids in the 90s, cards have seen an explosion in value from 2018-2020. This year, the rarest item, ‘Pikachu Illustrator’, sold at auction for over $250k.

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