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How to prepare for New Pokemon Snap Celebration in Pokemon Go

Published: 20/Apr/2021 22:40

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go is hosting a special New Pokemon Snap Celebration in honor of the game’s April 2021 release. Here is everything you need to be prepared for the epic crossover event.

After decades of waiting, Pokemon fans are finally getting to revisit the classic N64 photography series with New Pokemon Snap releasing on the Nintendo Switch on April 30.

Pokemon Go is celebrating the long-awaited sequel with an epic crossover event with ‘mon featured in the game. Here is everything Trainers need to be ready for the event.

Pokemon Go Snapshot mode
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Go is celebrating the release of New Pokemon Snap.

The special event will be appropriately themed around photography, leaning heavily on Go’s camera function. The highlight of the celebration is without a doubt the debut of Shiny Smeargle. The mischievous Gen II ‘mon will be appearing in pictures taken by players, with some luckily stumbling upon its new rare variant.


Coinciding with the release of New Pokemon Snap on Switch, the festivities will officially kick off on Thursday, April 29 at 10:00 AM and will run until Sunday, May 2 at 8:00 PM local time.

Trainers looking to participate in the limited-time event will want to come prepared as the four-day celebration is packed with goodies. From epic 5-star raids featuring Meganium to Special Research, fans will not want to miss out. Here is everything you will need to be ready.

How to prepare for New Pokemon Snap Celebration

  • Learn how to use the Snapshot Feature: Most Trainers will be hunting for the rare Shiny Smeargle. Check out our guide on how to take snapshots in Pokemon Go here. Players will want to become familiar with the mechanic as they will be using it heavily during the New Pokemon Snap Celebration.
  • Stock up on Raid/Remote Raid Passes: Fans of Meganium will not want to miss out as the criminally underrated Gen II starter will spawn in raids. Trainers can also score a Shiny version of Flygon as its pre-evolution Trapinch will also be showing up in the PVE mode alongside Vaporeon.
  • Make sure you have enough Poke Balls: Trainers will want to have enough catch items as Aipom, Lotad, Cacnea, and Ducklett will be showing up on the map with boosted spawn rates. The ‘mon are not very common, making it a perfect opportunity to collect Candy to evolve them. Start visiting your local PokeStops, and sending gifts to friends to get free Pokeballs.
  • Save up your Pinap Berries: While the New Snap Celebration won’t feature any rare ‘mon, Pinap Berries will make evolving the Pokemon spawning during the event much easier.
Pokemon Go gameplay
You’ll be taking plenty of snaps during this limited-time event.

After a decade of waiting, Pokemon Snap fans will finally be able to re-experience the photography game on April 30th. For everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch title, check out our complete guide here.


Thankfully, Niantic is allowing Go trainers to also celebrate the anticipated project in the mobile title. Dedicated Trainers will no doubt want to miss out on the special event as Shiny Smeargle will be extremely rare.