Pokemon Go Squirtle Squad concept would be perfect Team Rocket replacement

The Squirtle SquadThe Pokemon Company

While Team Rocket Go’s Pokestop challenges make for some fun encounters, one Pokemon Go player has shared their idea for a Squirtle Squad-themed event.

The Squirtle Squad is a group of Squirtle that were abandoned by their trainers. It’s this abandonment that led the ragtag crew down a path of mischief and petty crime. Not only do they enjoy stealing items from Pokemon trainers, but they also have a penchant for getting into trouble with the authorities. Unlike regular Squirtle, the Squirtle Squad are distinguishable via their stylish sunglasses. 

Despite first appearing in the original Pokemon anime, the Squirtle Squad has remained one of the most iconic additions to the long-standing series. However, one Pokemon Go player has come up with a neat concept that could see the Squirtle Squad added to the game in the form of random encounters and events. 

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Squirtle Squad Pokemon Go event concept

The Squirtle SquadThe Pokemon Company
The Squirtle Squad are known troublemakers.

 While the Squirtle Squad may not be as imposing as the Team Rocket grunts, they could greatly shake things up. Currently, Pokemon Go players can encounter Team Rocket Go grunts at random Pokestops. These shady trainers challenge players to battles whenever they spin a darkened Pokestop.  

It’s this functionality that led Reddit user, rjbelz to have the idea of integrating the Squirtle Squad into the game. “They appear in the wild randomly, not at Pokestops or gyms,” says the player. “There is a CP limit on who you can choose to battle with, while they have slightly inflated numbers much like raid bosses, to help make the battles closer.”

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Whether you’re walking through your usual route collecting Pokemon or just taking a trip to a nearby gym, having the Squirtle Squad randomly appear would certainly add a lot more excitement to the game. 

Squirtle Pokemon The Pokemon Company
Squirtle is still one of the most popular starters in Pokemon.

“If you win, you win items that they’ve stolen from other players,” says rjbelz. “Stones, Pokeballs, rare candies, avatar items, etc. As well as XP and medal achievements.” If you lose, then you’ll likely have to wait for another encounter in the future. 

Rjbelz also notes that the addition of the Squirtle Squad could also share similarities to that of the Jessie and James event. This would enable players to battle the Squirtle Squad for a set amount of time before they disappear and return in future updates. It’s definitely a neat concept and one we’d love to see added in the future.

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