Pokemon Go community divided over “painful” Gible Community Day

Mallow from Pokemon anime furious next to Pokemon Go Gible Community Day logoThe Pokemon Company / Niantic

Diamond & Pearl’s Gible will be the star of Pokemon Go’s June 2021 Community Day. Despite Garchomp being one of the most popular Pokemon in the series, some players are furious over the event and arguing that Niantic has made the rare ‘mon less special.

Niantic shocked players on May 7 when they announced that June 2021’s Community Day will focus around Sinnoh favorite, Gible. The Dragon-type has been one of the most beloved characters in the series since it made its debut back in 2006.

Despite its massive popularity, some users are not happy with Garchomp finally becoming more available to all Trainers. The frustrated Pokemon Go fans hit out at the developer for making the Gen IV creature less rare than it used to be.

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Gible and Garchomp Pokemon Go DexNiantic / The Pokemon Company
The popular Sinnoh ‘mon will be the star of June 2021’s Community Day.

Fans divided over Gible Pokemon Go Community Day

Given that past events have been criticized by some players for having “boring” ‘mon, you would think that Gible being the star of the upcoming Community Day would go down a treat.

However, immediately after the annual celebration was unveiled, some of the Go playerbase were actually divided over the choice. A debate broke out on social media with users upset over the mobile title putting a spotlight on the Sinnoh creature. 

Trainers who spent and insane amount of hours in the past to score a Shiny Garchomp were particularly upset by the announcement. The dedicated players felt like they had wasted their time.

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“I’m not cool with this. I want to keep it rare,” a user exclaimed moments after the June Community Day details were revealed online. Another Trainer used the infamous meme of AMC’s Walking Dead character Rick Grimes breaking down crying and captioned it with “And there goes all its value.”

One player detailed how they felt after obtaining a Shiny Garchomp in the last year. “I feel your pain, I hatched [a Shiny Gible] a few months ago.”

pokemon fans react on twitter

Not every player felt this way, though. In fact, many hit out at fellow fans for complaining. “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? You complain about [past Community Days] with a Pokemon you already have, but you also complain when its a rare pokemon because it loses its value,” one sternly wrote.

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Another player disappointed in the community simply exclaimed, “Pokemon fanbase remains awful. Can never be happy.” Other Trainers were actually overjoyed by the announcement, such as a fan who tweeted “Finally. Finally an exciting one.”

pokemon fans twitter

Despite many Go players excited at the prospects of easily getting a Shiny Garchomp, it appears that some users will continue to be upset with the choice.

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