How to get Flapple & Appletun in Pokemon Sword & Shield

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How to get Flapple & Appletun in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Trainers still looking for Flapple & Appletun are in luck, as the Dragon duo are fairly easy to obtain.

Introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield, these Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon quickly became fan favorites due to their adorable designs. Unfortunately for Trainers, Game Freak has made obtaining both a bit of a pain, as Flapple is exclusive to Sword and Appletun to Shield.

Sadly, those that want both will have to trade. By design, Game Freak wanted Sword players to trade their Flapple with Shield trainers who have Appletun. Try hitting up forums like Reddit where Trainers are happy to help. Here’s how to catch the version exclusives in your own games.


appletun in pokemon sword shield

How to catch Applin in Pokemon Sword & Shield

In order to obtain Flapple, you need to catch an Applin and evolve it using a special item. As a rare Pokemon, you might have to do a bit of searching before you find one.

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, Applin can be caught on Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Mirror, Route 5, and Stony Wilderness.

In the Isle of Armor DLC, it can be caught on Fields of Honor, Forest of Focus, Insular Sea, Loop Lagoon, Training Lowlands, Soothing Wetlands, Stepping-Stone Sea, and the Workout Sea.

How to obtain Flapple in Pokemon Sword

Once you have captured an Applin, go to Hammerlocke and find a young boy near the vault. This kid has blonde hair and can be found by the bridge on the west side of the city.

Talk to the boy and he will ask you to lend him an Applin. If you do, he will give you a Tart Apple, which you can then use from the Items menu to evolve Applin into Flapple.

How to obtain Appletun in Pokemon Shield

Follow the instructions for Flapple above – catch an Applin, go to Hammerlocke, talk to the boy, and lend him the Applin. The only difference is that he’ll give you the Sweet Apple instead, which is used to evolve your Applin to Appletun.

How to catch Flapple and Appletun in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Finding Tart Apples & Sweet Apples in Pokemon Sword & Shield

The Hammerlocke method is the easiest way to acquire a Tart Apple or Sweet Apples in Pokemon Sword & Shield, but there are other methods.

If you have the water upgrade for your bike, you can fast-travel to East Lake Axwell. Head south and ride across the lake of water until you reach Axew’s Eye Island. Under the giant tree, there will sometimes be spawns of the item.

And if you still can’t find the item, you can visit the Battle Cafe in Motostoke, Hammerlocke, or Wyndon. Sadly, you can only attempt the battle once a day. However, the cafe owner will sometimes hand out Sweet or Tart Apples as a reward.

Max Raid Den method for catching Flapple & Applin

If you would rather get the dragons another way, you can find them in Max Raid Battles as well – including their epic G-Max forms. Although the exclusive-version rules still apply. So, while the locations below work on both titles, it will be for their version of the monster.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Raid Dens

  • Axew’s Eye
  • Bridge Field
  • Dappled Grove (G-Max battle location as well)
  • Giant’s Mirror
  • Stony Wilderness

Isle of Armor Dens

  • Loop Lagoon (G-Max battle location as well)
  • Workout Sea,
  • Honeycalm Sea

Finding Flapple & Appletun in the Isle of Armor DLC

Once you have reached the Isle of Armor DLC, you can catch Flapple or Appletun in their respective games.

To do this, ride out to the Stepping-Stone Sea. There is a tree on the island that can be shaken. In Pokemon Sword, there’s a chance you will spawn a Flapple, and in Pokemon Shield, you can spawn an Appletun.

Bear in mind that the spawn rate is extremely low, and the tree only respawns once every 24 hours. So we recommend the other methods mentioned above.

That’s all you need to know about catching Flapple and Appletun in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Here are more guides to help you on your journey through the Gen 8 games:

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