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How to get Flapple & Appletun in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Published: 3/Oct/2020 0:00 Updated: 3/Oct/2020 1:39

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Sword & Shield Trainers still looking for Flapple & Appletun are in luck, as the Dragon duo are fairly easy to obtain. Here is a quick guide on how to add the adorable monsters to your team in no time at all.

For its eighth generation, the Pokemon series introduced players to the brand new Galar region in Sword & Shield. The Nintendo Switch title made its debut in 2019.

While many players have long beaten the game’s story, some Trainers may still be looking for Flapple & Appletun. Here is how to obtain the adorable apple dragons.


flapple pokemon sword and shield
Game Freak/ Twitter: @brentrkoepp
The Dragon Pokemon has two versions.

Appletun & Flapple in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Introduced in Sword & Shield, the Dragon duo have already become fan-favorites due to their adorable designs. I mean, who could resist a Pokemon hiding in an apple?

Appletun is known for its large body, which looks like a baked pie. Its large size and thick fat ability makes it a powerful tank. Flapple, on the other hand, is a tiny dragon flapping its wings made of apple skin. Its quick speed makes a fast striker.

Unfortunately for Trainers, Game Freak has made obtaining both of them a bit of a pain, as Flapple is exclusive to Sword and Appletun to Shield. Here is the quickest way to obtain each of them.


flapple pokedex entry
Game Freak/ Twitter: @brentrkoepp
Flapple is exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

How to obtain Flapple in Pokemon Sword

  • Step 1: Head to Hammerlock Hills and travel to the far left of the town. Run past the Pokemon Center, and stop right before the Route 6 drawbridge entrance. In the grass area, there will be a blonde-haired boy with a red hoodie jacket on. Talk to him.
  • Step 2: The boy will start a dialogue with “You heard the rumor?”. Go through his conversation, and then accept his mission. You need to find an Applin.
pokemon sword screenshot
Game Freak/ The Pokemon Company
This boy in Hammerlocke will give you the Applin mission.
  • Step 3: Hit the home button on your Switch to minimize your screen (keep your game running). Go into System Settings on your Switch. Now scroll down to System and click Date & Time. Turn Synchronize Clock via Internet off, and then change your date to November 1, 2020 to make it thunderstorm weather.
  • Step 4: Fast travel to Hammerlocke Hills then go south to Giant’s Mirror. Now that it’s thunder, run around the yellow grass and look for red exclamation marks. Applin has a 30% spawn rate, but only shows up in surprise battles. You should see it pretty quickly.
pokemon sword shield map
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Applin has a 30% spawn rate in Giant’s Mirror with thunderstorm weather.
  • Step 5: Catch the Applin. We recommend having a Pokemon with False Swipe, or a move like Sleep or Paralysis. Now head back to the boy in Hammerlock city, and hand him the monster.
  • Step 6: As a reward, the boy will hand you back the ‘mon and give you a Sweet Apple. Take the item and make Applin hold it and it will evolve into Flapple.
appletun pokedex entry
Game Freak/ Twitter: @brentrkoepp
The other version exclusive is Appletun.

How to obtain Appletun in Pokemon Shield

  • Step 1: Just like the instructions above, find the boy in Hammerlock and accept his Applin mission.
  • Step 2: Catch an Applin in the wild, you can either catch it in Route 5 at 10% spawn rate, or at 30% at Giant’s Mirror using the weather trick described in the section above.
  • Step 3: Bring the Applin back to the boy, he will then reward you with a Sweet Apple.
  • Step 4: Give the Sweet Apple to your Applin, and it will evolve into Appletun which is exclusive to Shield.
sweet apple pokemon sword shield
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
You’ll need a Sweet Apple.

If, for whatever reason, you already obtained the Sweet or Tart Apple while playing the story and used it or threw it away, there are other ways to obtain the object outside of the mission.

If you have the water upgrade for your bike, you can fast travel to East Lake Axwell. Head south and ride across the lake of water until you reach Axew’s Eye island. Under the giant tree, there will sometimes be spawns of the item.

axew's eye map
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The item can sometimes be found at Axew’s Eye.

And if you still can’t find the item, you can visit the Battle Cafe in Motostoke, Hammerlocke, or Wyndon. Sadly, you can only attempt the battle once a day. However, the cafe owner will sometimes hand out Sweet or Tart Apples as a reward.


Max Raid Den method

flapple max raid pokemon sword shield
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Dragon duo can also be found in Max Raids in their G-Max forms.

If you would rather get the dragons another way, you can find them in Max Raid Battles as well – including their epic G-Max forms. Although the exclusive rules still apply. So while the locations below work on both titles, it will be for their version of the monster.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Raid Dens

  • Axew’s Eye
  • Bridge Field
  • Dappled Grove (G-Max battle location as well)
  • Giant’s Mirror
  • Stony Wilderness

Isle of Armor Dens

  • Loop Lagoon (G-Max battle location as well)
  • Workout Sea,
  • Honeycalm Sea

Isle of Armor DLC

In Pokemon Sword, Flapple can also be found in the Isle of Armor DLC if you ride out to the Stepping-Stone Sea. There is a tree on the island that can be shaken.

Appletun can also be obtained this way in the same spot for Shield owners. Sadly, its spawn rate is extremely low, and the tree only respawns once every 24 hours. So we recommend the other methods above.


tree in pokemon sword and shield
Game Freak/ Twitter: @brentrkoepp
The apple can be found in this tree in Isle of Armor DLC. But it’s insanely rare.

Sadly, those that want both will have to trade. By design, Game Freak wanted Sword players to trade their Flapple with Shield trainers who have Appletun. Try hitting up forums like Reddit where Trainers are happy to help.

Lastly, the duo can also be found in Max Raid events that change each month. However, they are random so keep your eyes peeled. One way or another, there are plenty of options to capturing these majestic creatures.