How to get Cresselia in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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The beautiful Gen IV Legendary returns in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Here’s how to get Cresselia, including prerequisites and its location in BDSP.

First introduced in Diamond & Pearl on Nintendo DS in 2006, the Psychic-type is one-half of the Lunar duo with Darkrai and shaped like a swan.

Cresselia can be caught in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl but has a very specific method of doing so.

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The Legendary Pokemon is female only.

How to get Cresselia in Pokemon BDSP

In order to reach the female Legendary, you need to have beaten the Elite Four and the Sinnoh Champion first. After the credits have rolled and you return to Twinleaf Town, you can catch her.

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Follow the steps below to start the Cresselia quest:

  1. Head to Canalave City and speak to the Sailor who takes you to Iron Island. In the post-game he will now tell you that his son has fallen ill and needs the Lunar Feather to be healed, before taking you on his boat to Fullmoon Island.
  2. After stepping foot on the island, walk north to a forest entryway. Go inside and the Legendary will be waiting there.
  3. Interact with Cresselia who will then fly away, leaving behind the Lunar Feather. Go back to Canalave City give the Lunar Feather to the Sailor’s wife, which will cure the child.
  4. The Legendary will now begin roaming across the Sinnoh map. However, there is a specific way to find her which we will detail below.
canalave city sailor in pokemon bdspThe Pokemon Company / ILCA
Speak to the Sailor to go to Fullmoon Island.

Cresselia location in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Catching the Legendary in the Gen IV reimaginings is a whole different ball game. It’s not as simple as returning to Fullmoon Island again – you need to actually hunt her down.

  1. Obtain the Marking Map Poketch app from the Poketch President in Jubilife City if you haven’t already. It unlocks after Gym #3.
  2. Cresselia now spawns randomly around the Sinnoh region. Use Marking Map to see where she is currently on the map.
  3. The best strategy for catching the Psychic-type is to enter and exit a Route repeatedly until she warps near you. There is no point going to her location as she will automatically fly across the map before you can reach her.
marking map poketch app in pokemon bdspThe Pokemon Company / ILCA
You need the Marking Map Poketch app.

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