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How to get Clauncher & Clawitzer in Pokemon Go

Published: 8/Apr/2021 1:34

by Brent Koepp


Niantic is getting ready to introduce Gen VI’s Clauncher and Clawitzer into Pokemon Go in April 2021. Here is everything you need to know on how to catch the Water-type crustacean once it makes its debut.

Niantic is kicking off April’s Season of Legends with Rivals’ Week. The limited-time event will celebrate the series’ most iconic rivalries and duos. Headlining the event is the debut of beloved Kalos ‘mon, Clauncher.

Since its debut in X & Y, fans have loved the shrimp-like creature’s epic design. Pokemon Go Trainers especially have been anticipating its fierce evolution, Clawitzer. Here is where you can find and catch the ‘mon.


Clauncher Pokemon Go Dex
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Gen VI Water-type will make its Pokemon Go debut in April 2021.

How to get Clauncher in Pokemon Go

The Kalos Pokemon will officially be added to Go during Rivals’ Week which goes live on April 13 at 10:00 AM before concluding on April 18 at 8:00 PM local time. While the event only lasts five days, Clauncher will continue to show up as a spawn in the mobile title.

Fans of the Water-type character should take advantage of the celebration as Niantic is giving the community several guaranteed ways to encounter the Gen VI ‘mon during the special festivities.

From quests to Raids, users who participate in the limited-time event will have plenty of opportunities to add the creature to their roster. Below we will break down where you can find the monster starting on April 13.


Where to find Clauncher in Pokemon Go

Exclusive Research

Go users logged in from April 13 through 18 will automatically be given Exclusive Research which will include various tasks. Players who complete these will be given direct encounters with Clauncher. Easy!

Trainers will have multiple quests that will lead to the crustacean spawning, giving them many chances to catch the ‘mon with great stats. The Kalos creature’s counterpart, Skrelp, will also be included in these rewards.

Wild Spawns

Throughout Rivals’ Week, Clauncher will be appearing across the map with boosted spawn rates. We recommend dropping an Incense and driving around to increase your chances of finding the popular Pokemon.

It’s unknown as to how difficult the character will be to find after April 18th, but it will no doubt show up near rivers and lakes like most Water-types. Fans of the X & Y monster should use the week-long celebration to easily catch it while they can.


3-Star Raids

From April 13, players will be able to take on the creature in raids. Those looking to evolve the ‘mon into its epic second form, Clawitzer, can utilize the online mode to repeatedly defeat it and collect Candy. Make sure to mark your calendars though, as the Pokemon will stop being a Raid boss on April 18th.

Pokemon Go Rivals' Week Therian Landorus
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans can easily find Skrelp and Clauncher during Rivals’ Week in April 2021.

Clauncher was originally introduced to the series in 2013 as one of the new Pokemon in the Kalos region. Almost a decade later, the X & Y Water-type’s evolution has become a fan favorite.

Fans of Gen VI should also make sure to catch the ‘mon’s counterpart, Skrelp, which also makes its debut during Rivals’ Week. Check out our guide on how to catch it here.