Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have fallen in love with Gimmighoul

Gimmighoul popping out of a chestThe Pokemon Company

Gimmighoul is one of the latest Pokemon to be revealed for Scarlet and Violet and the community is already comparing it to a well-known mascot.

After being revealed in early November, the Paldean Pokemon Gimmighould has already caused quite a stir online. The Pokemon is a Ghost-type and will serve a function in both Scarlet and Violet as well as in Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon comes in two forms, its standard ‘roaming form’ and another ‘chest form’ in which the creature disguises itself as a treasure chest and encourages trainers to fill it with coins. Not only will Gimmighoul be a new Pokemon in the next generation of games, launching November 2022, it will also be appearing in Pokemon Go as a special crossover Pokemon.

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Gimmighoul Pokemon goThe Pokemon Company
Gimmighoul will mark a crossover between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Go.

General Gimmighoul

Gimmighoul also bears a striking resemblance to General Snoo, the mascot of Reddit who appears at the top of a Reddit page and has become a cultural icon.

This has not been lost on Pokemon’s committed Reddit community, with one user, PleoTCA, creating a mock-up of Gimmighoul in the style of General Snoo. Another mock-up replaces the Reddit art with Gimmighoul’s name as if it was the Reddit logo.

Check it out below:

Gimmighoul as General Snoo from RedditPleoTCA / The Pokemon Company
Gimmighoul as General Snoo from Reddit.

It remains to be seen if this new Pokemon will become as culturally significant as General Snoo, but with the spooky coin-stealing Pokemon appearing in multiple games, it’s certainly on its way to greatness. We also imagine this isn’t the last time the likeness between both characters will be picked up on by Pokemon fans and Reddit users.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release on November 18, 2022. Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go will also coincide with the release of the two new Nintendo Switch titles. Linking these games to Pokemon Go will allow trainers to catch Gimmighoul in the wild. As far as we know now, this is the only way to catch Gimmighoul with the Pokemon having a lot in common with other crossover Pokemon like Meltan.