10 best Flying-type Pokemon ranked: Salamence, Corviknight & more

Corviknight appearing as one of the best Flying-type PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Looking for the best Flying-type Pokemon to add to your team? From classics like Charizard to Legendaries like Yveltal and Lugia, these winged beasts can fan away the competition.

While the words ‘Flying-type Pokemon’ might immediately bring to mind weak early-game creatures like Pidgeot and Fletchling, some of the strongest Pokemon of all time actually fall under this category.

There are classic powerhouses like Dragonite and Charizard, as well as an incredible amount of strong Legendaries ranging from Kanto’s bird trio to fan-favorites Rayquaza, Yveltal, and Landorus.

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Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are with us, and to help you narrow down which ones to catch and level up, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best Flying-type Pokemon below, with a mix of Legendaries and more common creatures to suit everyone’s needs.

10. Corviknight

Corviknight in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

The most recent addition to this list is Sword & Shield’s Corviknight. While its stats might not look that impressive at first glance, its bulk is pretty decent and a Steel/Flying typing gives it loads of resistances with only two weaknesses – Fire and Electric – making it very hard to take down.

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Corviknight has a solid move pool with options like Roost to boost HP and Bulk Up to increase its power. Elsewhere, the signature ability Mirror Armor reflects any stat-reducing moves or abilities back onto the user, while Pressure can easily strip the PP of your opponent’s strongest moves.

9. Charizard

Flying-type Pokemon CharizardThe Pokemon Company

You might have expected to see Charizard higher on our list, and if nostalgia or pop culture icon status were the only determining factors then it absolutely would be number one. But in the years since Red & Blue was released, it’s hard to deny that Charizard has been outclassed by newer generations.

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The good news for die-hard fans, though, is that this definitely doesn’t mean Charizard is bad – it’s just not the best. It still has a brilliant 109 Special Attack, a respectable 100 Speed, and a versatile move pool, while its popularity means it always gets powerful forms like Mega-Evolution and Gigantamax.

8. Togekiss

Togekiss PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Regardless of which game you’re playing, whether it’s Legends Arceus or Pokemon Go, there’s always a place on your team for the Fairy/Flying-type Togekiss. It’s a well-known Dragon-slayer with several useful resistances and immunity to Dragon and Ground-type attacks.

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Togekiss’ stand-out stat is Special Attack, which sits nicely at 120 and lets it become a powerhouse with moves like Air Slash and Dazzling Gleam. It’s also got 115 Special Defense which means it can withstand most special attacks that come its way.

7. Dragonite

pokemon dragoniteThe Pokemon Company

Dragonite is one of the most iconic pseudo-Legendaries out there, hailing all the way back to Gen 1’s Kanto region. If it’s not busy dominating as a Dragon-type, it’s blowing the competition away as a Flying-type with moves like Hurricane, Fly, and Air Slash thanks to its 134 Attack and 100 Special Attack stats.

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It’s got coverage plenty of coverage options like Earthquake and Fire Punch, and its bulk isn’t half bad with 91 HP, 95 Defense, and 100 Special Defense. Dragonite also benefits from the ability Multiscale, which reduces damage taken when at full health. It’s not to be underestimated.

6. Salamence

Salamence rising high in PokemonThe Pokemon Company

The second pseudo-Legendary on our list is Salamence, and a quick look at its stats will tell you why; It has a solid 125 Attack and 110 Special Attack, which combined with 100 Speed will mean it gets to move quicker than many of its opponents to dish out some massive damage.

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Salamence also benefits from having a Mega-Evolution, where its stats rise to 145 Attack, 120 Special Attack, 130 Defense, and 120 Speed – good luck getting past that! Mega Salamence also gains the ability Aerilate, which turns Normal-type attacks into Flying-type attacks with STAB. Perfect.

5. Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Ho-Oh will be immediately recognizable for anyone who’s been playing Pokemon since the early days. The Gold box art Legendary remains a reliable choice whether you’re looking for a Flying-type or a Fire-type powerhouse, with 130 Attack and 110 Special Attack stats to back it up.

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These are best used with STAB attacks like Brave Bird and Fire Blast, while moves like Earthquake and Thunderbolt give it some unexpected coverage options. It’s also got staying power, with 154 Special Defense and 106 HP stats. Watch out for Rock-type attacks, and Ho-Oh can soar.

4. Landorus

Incarnate Forme LandorusThe Pokemon Company

Every member of the Forces of Nature squad is part Flying-type and they’re all very good, which makes choosing just one of them a little difficult, but we’ve gone with Landorus as it has higher total stats than the rest of the group – 600 compared to 580 – and incredible versatility.

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In its Therian Forme it has a huge 145 Attack stat, while its Incarnate Forme has a boosted 115 Special Attack and 101 Speed. It has two very useful immunities – Ground and Electric – and only two weaknesses, while the ability Intimidate lowers its opponent’s Attack stat.

3. Lugia

Lugia PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Lugia has the (joint) highest total stats of any Flying-type Pokemon, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to see it rank so well on our list. With 106 HP, 130 Defense, and a massive 154 Special Defense, this tanky Legendary has a specialty and it does it very well, especially with such a great defensive typing.

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This is backed up further by the ability Multiscale, which reduces damage taken when at full health, and moves like Roost which helps recover HP. As far as offensive capability goes, Lugia has some brilliant attacks like Aeroblast, Psychic, and Ice Beam to take down the opposition.

2. Yveltal

Pokemon YveltalThe Pokemon Company

Yveltal is known as the ‘Destruction Pokemon’ in the Pokedex and it more than lives up to that name. 131 Attack and 131 Special Attack stats mean this creature can dish out plenty of devastating damage, while 126 HP and decent defense give it some solid bulk.

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These huge attack stats are boosted further with the ability Dark Aura, which increases the power of Yveltal’s Dark-type moves, while its signature move Oblivion Wing is one of the best Flying-type attacks in the game, combining great damage with a boost in health.

1. Rayquaza

Rayquaza PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Rayquaza has long been considered one of the greatest Pokemon of all time. It’s got an incredible design, it was the first Pokemon that could Mega-Evolve in the franchise, and it was powerful enough to put Groudon and Kyogre in their places.

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You only need to look at its stats to see why Rayquaza is so popular: 150 Attack and 150 Special Attack stats mean it can excel with both physical and special movesets, and it has the attacks to back this up like the excellent signature move Dragon Ascent.

Things get even more impressive when Rayquaza Mega-Evolves, as those Attack and Special Attack stats raise to 180(!) each. All of this means you probably won’t be surprised to hear that this Legendary also ranked number one on our best Dragon-type list.

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So there you have it, the best Flying-type Pokemon for your team! While you’re here, check out some of our other Pokemon content below:

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