Palworld: How to build & use Ore Mining Site

Michelle Cornelia
A player farms a large ore boulder in Palworld

Palworld’s latest update added a new Ore Mining Site that makes it even more convenient to mine ores. Here’s how to make an Ore Mining Site in Palworld so you can get more Ingots.

Ore is a vital material you’ll need as you progress your playthrough in Palworld. This is because Ore can be turned into Ingots, a resource used to craft armor, weapons, and gears to help you go against stronger Pals and enemies.

While Ore can be found in several locations on the island, the latest v0.2.0.6 update has added a new Ore Mining Site, which lets you farm Ore easily at the convenience of your base.

Find out how to build and use the new Ore Mining Site in Palworld.

How to unlock Ore Mining Site in Palworld

You can unlock the Ore Mining Site from the Technology menu at level 15. It costs 2 Ancient Technology Points to unlock.

There’s actually another more extensive Ore Mining Site that allows you to produce Ores in larger quantities, but you’ll need to reach at least level 31 to unlock it. It also requires you to spend 3 Ancient Technology points to unlock.

If you’re just starting out and still a bit under-leveled, you can rack up XP and points by catching more Pals, exploring dungeons, and defeating Alpha Pals.

How to build Ore Mining Site in Palworld

Much like any other builds in the game, you’ll need to collect all the materials first before you can make the Ore Mining Site. For the basic Ore Mining Site unlocked at level 15, the materials are as follows:

  • x50 Stones
  • x25 Ingot
  • x20 Paldium Fragments

Fortunately, the materials are the same as the basic ones for the larger Ore Mining Site II. However, you do need to collect a more significant amount for each. Below is a list of them:

  • x100 Stones
  • x50 Ingot
  • x40 Paldium Fragments

Stones are the easiest to get out of all these — you can either pick them up in the wild or use a pickaxe to mine larger ones. As for Ingots, you’ll first need to build a Primitive Furnace to produce them. Meanwhile, Paldium Fragments can be obtained by picking up glowing blue rocks around the island.

How to use Ore Mining Site in Palworld

To use the Ore Mining Site, simply assign your Pals to work on them. However, you’ll want to ensure they have a high level of Mining suitability for the best results. Some of the best Mining Pals that we recommend are Astegon, Blazamut, Digtoise, Menasting, and Anubis.

Don’t have any of these Pals yet? Try using the newly added Ability Glasses and Ring of Mercy to help you check out Pal’s stats as well as capture them without accidentally killing them.

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