Palworld player’s exploit lets them blitz through dungeons

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Palworld’s dungeons can be lengthy, but a new exploit discovered lets players blitz through them in a minute.

Once players get through the opening phases of Palworld‘s open-world madness, the next stage of progression opens up — dungeons. Dungeons provide a new layer of challenging encounters for players to take part in, with the bountiful rewards a tradeoff for completing them.

As more players have experienced dungeons, the general sentiment has kind of soured since a dungeon run can last quite a bit due to the lack of a mini-map, making it feel like a backtrack simulator.

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However, one player found a new way to cut down how long it takes to complete a dungeon via a rather unique and loving exploit.

Palworld glitch clears dungeon in a minute

Reddit user and Palworld player yashpwnz shared their discovery on the game’s subreddit. Essentially, if you mount your Pal after petting them while climbing, it’ll glitch your character and companion through walls.

What unfolds is quite the speedrun of a Palworld dungeon. After entering the dungeon and petting their Jetragon while climbing, the player and the Pal glitch through the dungeon wall. 

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What happens next is pretty much what you could expect as they zoom through the map to the end room and claim their reward. All in all, the run took them a little under a minute to complete.

Exploits are a tricky subject in gaming since they might not work for everyone, plus some would rather avoid them. With that in mind, several of the replies offered their takes on dungeon speedrunning alternatives.

“Alternatively, Ragnahawk flies low enough that you don’t have to dismount going between rooms,” one player said. Another added that Ragnahawk is small enough to fly through some doors, thus increasing its value.

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Instead of going the flying route, some players recommended Fenglope to clear dungeons with ease which plenty agreed with. They said: “Yeah, people talking about glitching to finish dungeons… Feng can run through the whole dungeon in 20 seconds.”

Glitches and Pals aside, with a populace of players feeling a certain way towards dungeons and their navigation, hopefully, future updates will add quality-of-life improvements to ease player feedback.

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