Woody Overwatch skin idea would be spot-on for McCree

Bill Cooney
McCree Woody Toy Story Overwatch skin

One creative Overwatch fan has come up with the perfect concept for a new McCree skin – one based on Woody the cowboy from the popular Disney series Toy Story.

Whether you prefer your Overwatch cowboy character Ashe or McCree flavored, most people still think of the game’s original wild west-inspired character as its quintessential cowpoke (sorry Ashe fans).

There’s no shortage of creative Overwatch fans out there either, and FumbleBee0718 has returned with another skin concept, this time turning McCree into Toy Story’s Woody.

We have to say, Jesse does pull off Woody’s trademark cowskin vest and red bandanna quite well. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be included (at least that we can see) is “Andy” written in marker on the bottom of his boot.

The fact that McCree doesn’t already have a “reach for the sky” voice line is a crime.

His name might not be drawn on McCree’s boot, but Andy does get an homage on McCree’s Peacekeeper, where his name is carved in with the appropriate, child-like style.

Finally, even his Stun Grenade has been reskinned to the mischievous climbing monkeys, and we can only hope they would come with the appropriate sound effects when used as well.

Sadly, the only time Blizzard has worked with an outside entity for Overwatch skins is the Bastion LEGO one, and since Disney likes to keep a tight lid on trademarks, we wouldn’t hold our breaths for this to become a real thing.

There are plenty of crossovers that would be perfect for McCree.

FumbleBee has been on a bit of roll lately, as they were the same user to come up with the fantastic idea for a Buzz Lightyear skin for Baptiste, and made us really want a Disney/Overwatch skin pack.

As we said, we probably won’t see skins like this in-game anytime soon, but we do have the Summer Games event coming right up in August, which is sure to bring a load of new skins for us to unlock. Whether that will include McCree remains to be seen, but he hasn’t gotten a skin from the event for a few years, so he might have a better chance than most heroes.