Insane Overwatch movement trick on Busan can save Hammond mains

Hammond in OverwatchBlizzard

An Overwatch player has got an insane movement tip for Hammond that might just save your life if someone tries to knock you off the edge of Busan’s C point. 

As Overwatch characters have different movement mechanics, there are incredible ways to get around the different maps. Players will regularly practice these rollout and flanks in a bid to get a leg up on their opponents – be it a casual game or something a bit more serious. 

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Hammond, otherwise known as Wrecking Ball, is the most popular character behind these flanks given that he can use a grappling hook to hit hard to reach places.

However, if you ever find yourself about to be knocked off of Busan, there is an interesting flank that you can pull of in order to save yourself.

Blizzard Entertainment
The popular character is able to pull off some sneaky movement tricks.

The impressive movement was showcased by Reddit user WeponizedAutismo, who had been playing a Control game when they found themselves in danger.

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Multiple enemies tried to knock the Hammond player over the edge of Busan and even though the Redditor was eventually pushed over, they quickly grapple hooked themselves around the side – avoiding death.

The Redditor managed to swing around the outside of the map, jumping back into the fray as they managed to reach the connector area between the C point and spawn. 

They also put it down to having “weird map knowledge” and noted that they’d come up with the idea previously before pulling it off. “I thought of the rollout but I didn’t think it would work, but as we can see, It actually did. So yes, basically I did that on purpose,” the Redditor said

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Obviously, not every Hammond player will be able to pull off the incredible feat, but with a bit of practice and map knowledge, it could be something that saves lives moving forward.

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