Overwatch skin concept takes Baptiste to infinity and beyond

David Purcell
Baptiste and Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear

Who would have thought a crossover between Overwatch and Toy Story would look so good? A new concept that fuses together two of the franchises’ favorite characters, Baptiste and Buzz Lightyear, might be one of the best yet. 

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Activision Blizzard have released a number of limited edition skins since the game launched, and they roll out periodically throughout the year with timely events.

Never before, however, have we seen two such different worlds like this collide, but there’s no denying the mashup itself would be a hit with members of the community.

Those who know just about anything Buzz Lightyear related will know the character proudly wears his green space suit, complete with activated wings and set voice lines.

Baptiste in Overwatch
Baptiste is one of the most powerful heroes in Overwatch, and would look even better with this concept skin.

Well, Reddit user FumbleBee0718 thought it might work just as well with the ex-Talon operative, and boy were they right.

They showed off their design on July 14, bringing together four sprays featuring different emblems from Toy Story’s space command, a “To Infinity and Beyond!” voice line, weapon wrap, and impressive character suit as well.

While the voice line chosen for the concept is definitely the most famous line from Buzz, some players in the comments section had other ideas.

“When he respawns he should have a voice line saying ‘years of academy training wasted!'” one said, while another added: “When he does his exo boot jump he should say it’s just falling with style.”

While it’s unlikely that we see this concept or something similar spring onto the scene in Overwatch sometime soon, there’s always a chance that small things mentioned in the community could influence designs in the future. In this case, we’re all crossing our fingers.

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