How to recreate Reinhardt & Brigitte shield link like Overwatch 2 teaser

Andrew Amos
Brigitte and Reinhardt using their shields in Overwatch

Overwatch 2 might not be here yet, but you can recreate one of the most iconic scenes from the trailer of the sequel to Blizzard’s FPS title, with a new workshop update allowing Reinhardt and Brigitte to fuse their shields together.

The Zero Hour cinematic for Overwatch 2 was released at BlizzCon 2019. It seems so long ago since we finally got our first glimpse at the sequel for Blizzard’s FPS title.

Since then, there’s not been much news on the front, aside from a few tidbits about certain Heroes and maps we might see when Overwatch 2 launches. However, the hype has never died down.

Reinhardt and Brigitte locking shields in Overwatch 2 cinematic
Reinhardt and Brigitte came thrashing through the streets of Paris to help out the rest of Overwatch in the cinematic.

Brigitte and her godfather Reinhardt partner up in the short to help stave omnics off the streets of Paris, joining their shields together to create one mega-barrier. What was once an iconic moment in a video though can now be showcased in Overwatch properly.

Reddit user ‘jaydenye_jr’ recreated the shields in an Overwatch Workshop mode, thanks to some new tools added in the July 15 update. These tools allow tinkerers to change how certain abilities work, including “scaling barriers.”

Jaydenye got this to work for the Swedish duo. When Brigitte walks near Reinhardt, or vice versa, their two shields will fuse into one, creating a mega shield.

However, there are still some drawbacks to how the shield works in the Workshop. The shield health values don’t change, and because of the way each Hero’s individual shield works, some of the functionality is also lost.

“When the player’s health is increased, Brigitte’s shield health has no effect, but has increased regeneration rate, and Rein’s is the opposite,” Jaydenye explained.

“Even if I did the health increase for Rein, it wouldn’t have an immediate effect as his barrier health will still be at 1600, and needs to regenerate while it’s down. There’s also the side effect of the actual players having more health too.”

However, for a Workshop product, it’s still super well polished. Taking the new tools and recreating them to play out one of the most hyped cinematics in Overwatch history is neat.

Maybe one day down the line Reinhardt and Brigitte will have this interaction properly in-game. For now though, you can only play out this situation in the Workshop. You can use the code K3EDA in Overwatch to find out exactly how it works.

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