Overwatch 2 players may have discovered Space Ranger’s real name through Easter Eggs

Carver Fisher

While “Space Ranger” still doesn’t have a confirmed name, an Easter Egg added with the July 9 update has led Overwatch 2 players to discover what her real name may be through morse code and voicelines.

The July 9 Overwatch 2 patch added several exciting Tank changes, with every single Tank in the game getting buffed. There’s also a Transformers collab that marks the next big crossover between the Overwatch universe and other franchises.

However, the detail some players are most excited about is rather small and easy to miss. Those who are looking forward to more info about “Space Ranger“, the Season 12 hero who’s still officially known by just a codename, are eating good this patch.

The pod she landed in on the Dorado map is broadcasting Morse code that has since been translated by community member Coathar to say the following:


This message came alongside a picture of Mei & Space Ranger in the pod, one that shows them together in what appears to be a laboratory.

One of Mei’s voice lines that she says when spawning on the map Lijang Tower is as follows:

“My friend Jiayi works here. She and I had a lot of fun in grad school. Maybe too much.”

This line, combined with the picture of her and Space Ranger in a school setting and the transmission, makes it likely that the mysterious hero’s real name is Jiayi.

Bear in mind that Blizzard themselves have yet to confirm this and that J could mean a number of other things in relation to this character. However, all these Easter Eggs and mentions put together make this theory strong.