What are Overwatch 2 Endorsements? System and levels explained

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Overwatch 2 uses Endorsements to help create a positive environment for both new and returning players, allowing teammates to give each other a shoutout after a match. But what does Endorsing do in Overwatch 2, and how does it work?

Millions of players have hopped into Overwatch 2 since it launched on October 4, 2022, experimenting with the new Heroes and enjoying the seasonal events. With such a passionate playerbase that’s only growing, Blizzard is clearly committed to maintaining a welcoming community.

One of the ways they do this is through the Endorsement system, which gives players the chance to heap praise onto their teammates for good performances.

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If you’re wondering how Endorsements work in Overwatch 2 and what they do, we’ve got you covered below.

What are Endorsements in Overwatch 2?

Endorsements are rewards handed out at the end of an Overwatch 2 match by each member of your team, giving you the chance to show your appreciation for how they played. If a Support came in clutch with those heals, or a Tank played their role to perfection, let them know by Endorsing them.

On the other hand, if someone wasn’t pulling their weight, you can leave out of your end-of-match honors and give a pat on the back to those who deserve it. The original Overwatch provided three different kinds of awards, but the system has been simplified in Overwatch 2 to just an overall Endorsement.

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You should strive to earn as many commendations as possible, as it’s a sign that you’re a valuable teammate who others like to share the battlefield with.

However, when it comes to dishing out praise of your own, there are a few restrictions to follow:

  • You can pick two teammates to Endorse after every match.
  • You can only Endorse the same player once every 12 hours.
  • Players on your Battle Net friends list can’t be Endorsed.
  • Only players on the same team can Endorse each other.
Endorsements screen in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

What does Endorsing do in Overwatch 2? Levels explained

While it’s nice to receive a shoutout for a good performance, Overwatch 2 Endorsements also hand out valuable XP to anyone who receives one, helping players progress through the Battle Pass at a faster rate.

The amount of XP received depends on your Endorsement level, which can go as high as five. It isn’t totally clear how many Endorsements you need to raise your overall level, but it takes dozens just to hit level 2.

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So, you’ll need to win over a lot of teammates if you want to hit Endorsement level five and maximize the XP earned with each match.

There you have it! That was everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 Endorsements. For more on Blizzard’s Hero shooter, check out our other guides:

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