Overwatch 2 player’s weight loss tactic helped drop 70lbs while playing

Michelle Cornelia
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One Overwatch 2 player has managed to shave off their weight by playing the game and working out at the same time, and they also shared how you could do it too.

An Overwatch 2 player has shared their experience of how the 5v5 competitive shooter has helped them in their weight loss journey, resulting in them shaving off about 70 lbs.

Throughout the years, there’s been a wide range of options to lose weight by playing video games. For example, Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is one of the popular choices that help players be physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, not to mention all the VR exercise experiences out there too. 

However, as it turns out, if done right, Overwatch 2 can help achieve the same results, according to this one player. Sharing their weight loss journey and weight graph in a Reddit thread, they explained that they started about a year and a half ago and have gone on to lose 70 lbs.

With a propped-up Nintendo Switch placed in front of their treadmill and using the joycons detached, they would play Overwatch 2 during their runs. “Walk on 4mph during games, run at 6mph during queue. You’d all be surprised!”

Of course, if you’ve played Overwatch 2 on the Nintendo Switch at least once, you’d be familiar with the whole experience on the portable console. But that didn’t stop the player from staying engaged in their Overwatch 2 workout, despite how it feels to get used to aiming with the joy-cons and playing at 30 FPS.

They mentioned that “the whole workout goes so quickly” when the mind is occupied and you look forward to it.

“That weight graph shows when I started posting weight I was at 250 and I’m now 184! If you want to lose weight seriously consider this!” they suggested.

By the end of the thread, the player claimed that they’d hit Platinum with all roles as a “treadmill Switch warrior.”

The player’s weight loss journey has garnered a ton of attention from the community, with others flocking to the comments to congratulate and praise their dedication. 

“Not gonna lie, from the title, I was expecting you to say something along the lines of ‘I played so much I forgot to eat.’ But anyway, congratulations, that’s an incredible amount of weight to lose while gaming!” one player wrote.

That said, one person took the opportunity to jokingly write about how the first 30 lbs of weight loss was from their “body’s stress response to queueing tank in comp.” They added, “Being a constant anxious mess due to fear of blinking and being CC’ed into oblivion does wonders for appetite suppression.”

Overall, the player encouraged others to consider this and mentioned that they simply “just have fun” playing the game while working out.