Overwatch’s Zenyatta cosplays as Dragon Ball’s Beerus in perfect Halloween Terror idea

Zenyatta floating in the skyBlizzard

Overwatch is home to plenty of fantastic fan concepts, but this new Dragon Ball-themed Zenyatta skin would be the perfect Halloween Terror crossover

Zenyatta is one of the most instantly recognizable heroes in Overwatch. Not only is this robotic support incredibly powerful, but he is also one of the most popular picks in the game. His kit is tailored around healing and debuffing his enemies, while also having the ability to clutch out victories with his game-changing ultimate. 

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While this Omnic guru is known for his peaceful temperament, one talented Overwatch fan has transformed him into Beerus – the main antagonist from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film and the Beerus Saga. 

Zenyatta Cultist skinBlizzard
Zenyatta’s Cultist Halloween Terror skin has proven incredibly popular.

Dragon Ball Z Zenyatta skin idea

Unlike Zenyatta, Dragon Ball’s Beerus isn’t exactly known for his compassion. In fact, the purple feline is known as the God of Destruction of Universe 7. Instead of rescuing those less fortunate than himself, Beerus enjoyed wreaking havoc upon the world, choosing to actively eliminate all those that don’t bend to his will. 

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This makes amandazerepp concept the perfect addition to this year’s Halloween Terror collection. Zenyatta’s appearance has been altered to incorporate Beerus’ ancient Egyptian attire and even has the same feline features. 

Zenyatta’s orbs have also been replaced with the anime’s iconic Dragon Balls, which enable the user to grant any wish when all seven have been collected. “I would love to see Overwatch collaborate with other companies for cool events and skins,” said amandazerepp. “This one was a no-brainer…I hope y’all like it.” 

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The talented concept artist previously worked on the electrifying Pikachu x D.Va Pokemon trainer skin, which also sparked a lot of attention from the Overwatch community. 

It’s clear a lot of work went into creating this Dragon Ball Z crossover and we can’t wait to see what amandazerepp creates in the future. 

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